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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A project coming together


The hook is moving with thread and a pattern which I shared in a previous posting.  

While I'm entirely thrilled yet with the color, it isn't finished yet and so before I go off and try to find the color of thread I'll work with what I have. 

This is what I've done so far, this is not pressed out, stiffened or cleaned up with loose ends.

I have the snow pea green which is difficult to see, it is on the inner ring, and outer edge. It will match with what the main of the design. I've picked up some yarn from the stash and am going to I hope make an angel shawl for myself with the Unforgettable yarn I purchased a few weeks ago.

Here is the link about that. I've made one or two of these and at the time I was in the Prayer Shawl group at the church, don't have one for myself. 

Angel Wing Shawl 

The pumpkins I crocheted, finished off the stash skein and donated all but 5 to the nursing home. Here is the original posting about that if you are interested. 

Crochet pumpkins 

The activities directed made a garland with some of them and hung them up. One less skein in the tinker basket, I had fun making them, and they will have fun looking at them. 


Tinker on!


  1. I went back and looked to see what it is you are working on. So far, so good. It will be beautiful. Great job on the snow-flakes.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and for leaving a comment. I have to break from the thread, it hurts my hand especially when making small snowflakes. The Angel shawl is a lovely project as well, easy mindless pattern. But it is a lovely finish.

  2. I took a look at the Angel Wings shawl and I really like it. Looking forward to seeing what yours looks like.

    God bless.

    1. Making good progress on it, found Victorian Rose stash. It is a fairly easy project, not overly fancy design. A nice relaxing project.

  3. The nursing home residents will really love the pumpkin garland and seeing them scattered around. Makes it more seasonal for them. I really like the colors on your latest project. I can see the snow pea green edging.

  4. Thank you Holly, I decided to keep working and see how it will look when I'm finished.


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