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Friday, September 17, 2021

Where is Mojo? As we transition to Fall

 I think of a few of the commenters hit on something...

Garden and summertime are coming to end, and as we shift our attention from outside to inside....
who knows we may find Mojo.
I really have been trying to configure up some sort of yarn producing thought, and I am bouncing around between seasons. ( mentioned also in the comments). I have for the most part wrapped it up outside, and am tidying up. 

I once again wanted to make a Snood. I mentioned it a while back. and I did fashion one up out of Crochet Cotton #10 thread, the elastic has to be put in. Now I want to try one in yarn, and make a pattern...
so I am close to finding mojo.Whilst I did not need any yarn to be sure. I couldn't help equate yarn with comfort food like mac n cheese, or mashed potatoes, or potatoe just calms the soul and provides joy and a sense of wellness.  So, I looked around on JoAnn at yarn, they were having a 50% sale...I was originally looking at a totally different yarn, which of course was not in stock, and could not be delivered. Instant gratification not being fufilled in anyway with that one..but I did stumble upon a lovely yarn I have perused a few times but did not purchase. 

I suppose well gee, could I be a yarn snob? I like what I like and stick with it. It's either
Simply Soft by Caron, or Soft Secret by Hobby Lobby. 

This one is Red Heart...Unforgettable. 
In the colorway Pearly
Soft muted tones...would make a lovely Snood. 

$3.49 and curbside pickup.....
Tonight...I'll feed my creative soul with a lovely new yarn loaded with possibilities....and maybe I can persuade Mojo to stick around.

Mac n  cheese anyone?


  1. I had mac n cheese for lunch, and it was scrumptious! Just the dish to welcome fall. Your new yarn is gorgeous and I have felt it in the store, so soft. I had a snood before, an antique one!

  2. Oh Yes, that will make a beautiful snood!!


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