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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Anybody seen mojo?

I can't seem to get the hook moving or settle in on a pattern.

I seem to be in a fuddle.

I cannot seem to settle in on a project. Back and forth I go from yarn to thread. 

Oh Bother!

I think...probably what I need to do is STOP looking for ideas, I see one thing than another.I'm

caught betwixt and between. 

Yesterday it was pumpkins, today I feel snowflakes. The day or two before hat it was the spinner, which I did manage to fashion up, and I made a small one out of thread.. 

What are you working on?





  1. Bless you it must be the time of year, I have been a little muddles myself. I am now more focused and started working on Christmas gifts.

  2. Winter hats, more pot holder sets...but having to stop to put up what's coming out of the garden, but the tomatoes are officially done. I'm ready for cooler sit down and crochet weather.

  3. I am trying to finish pinkeeps, but I must go get some gingham for the backs. I am also ping-ponging back and forth between seasons!

  4. Then there's people like me who have no talent for crafts/hand work. I can't really imagine your predicament but I hope you can settle on what to do soon.


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