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Monday, September 27, 2021

back and forth and in between

Well Hello!

I did manage to finish up the thread century snowflake. I pressed it today, and sprayed it with a little starch, waiting for it to dry. It came out much larger than the first one I did, which was done in white, and a different thread, maybe that is the difference. But It's done, and one day I may take a fancy to make another in the white crochet thread I have and see if that in fact was the difference. But I am much tired of looking at that pattern for now. 


I've moved on to two different things, will see which holds my fancy long enough to get it done. One of them is a crochet drawstring bag. While the pattern calls for cotton yarn, that beautiful Unforgettable yarn is just sitting and not on a hook. So I decided I would give it a whirl on the hook, wonky strands and all. I never followed up with the company because I didn't have the receipt, but may contact them again and at least send the pictures. 

   I cannot myself even see where that really frayed piece is...I really like the colors of the yarn. It is called Pearly. They are softly muted, and they have a slight sheen.

So, the pattern for the drawstring bag can be found
here at Ophelia Talks
It is a you tube video tutorial, and you can crochet along. 

Well it's getting to be suppertime. Time for me to put down my toys and fashion up something for supper.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The yarn update

I did receive a reply from the yarn company, they stated that the various sizes of the skein are by design, and are used for "texture". They suggested that I send pictures, along with the receipt, which I think I tossed out. It would go to their review division, and I assume a replacement would be made. 

It is such a pretty yarn. Maybe I'll happen upon the receipt, but I doubt it. I have the skein wrapper, and took pictures, but no proof of purchase. 

So, I've been tinkering around with some thread, I'm still searching for Mojo, and until I find it, I'll crochet little bits and bobs of things. I like snowflakes, and if you do....then I suggest you visit


Deborah is over at Snowcatcher, she is multi talented and quilts, and does beautiful photograpy and she loves to make crochet snowflakes. 

I'm working on this one now, I had made one previously and gifted it,

 Credit Snowcatcher

I'm not doing it in white, but a colorway called antique, from Hobby Lobby. I don't know how many snowflakes she has made, but there are alot, and if you are into these, and you crochet with thread.....this is a very good place to find some lovelies. 

I should have mine done this weekend. I've had to frog a bit, many times because my count was off by one heart and threw everything off. 

Enjoy your weekend....

Sunday, September 19, 2021

About that yarn..

While it is lovely, I did have a few "issues" with it. I have contacted Red heart, and suppose that I will get an answer some time this week.  There were places on the skein where the yarn was very thick, and places where it was very thin, and some places where it is very fuzzy and un defined. It may be a bad skein, I don't know. Hard to be consistant with your tension and stitches when the yarn is this way.

I've never worked with a  yarn which had variations in the yarn itself as to size, so I'm thinking this is just a rogue skein. The color is lovely, it is very soft. the snood on hold for now. I don't have a specific pattern, and was trying to make one...we'll see. 

So, for now I'm in search of ......


Tink is the guardian of the yarn.....


Friday, September 17, 2021

Where is Mojo? As we transition to Fall

 I think of a few of the commenters hit on something...

Garden and summertime are coming to end, and as we shift our attention from outside to inside....
who knows we may find Mojo.
I really have been trying to configure up some sort of yarn producing thought, and I am bouncing around between seasons. ( mentioned also in the comments). I have for the most part wrapped it up outside, and am tidying up. 

I once again wanted to make a Snood. I mentioned it a while back. and I did fashion one up out of Crochet Cotton #10 thread, the elastic has to be put in. Now I want to try one in yarn, and make a pattern...
so I am close to finding mojo.Whilst I did not need any yarn to be sure. I couldn't help equate yarn with comfort food like mac n cheese, or mashed potatoes, or potatoe just calms the soul and provides joy and a sense of wellness.  So, I looked around on JoAnn at yarn, they were having a 50% sale...I was originally looking at a totally different yarn, which of course was not in stock, and could not be delivered. Instant gratification not being fufilled in anyway with that one..but I did stumble upon a lovely yarn I have perused a few times but did not purchase. 

I suppose well gee, could I be a yarn snob? I like what I like and stick with it. It's either
Simply Soft by Caron, or Soft Secret by Hobby Lobby. 

This one is Red Heart...Unforgettable. 
In the colorway Pearly
Soft muted tones...would make a lovely Snood. 

$3.49 and curbside pickup.....
Tonight...I'll feed my creative soul with a lovely new yarn loaded with possibilities....and maybe I can persuade Mojo to stick around.

Mac n  cheese anyone?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Anybody seen mojo?

I can't seem to get the hook moving or settle in on a pattern.

I seem to be in a fuddle.

I cannot seem to settle in on a project. Back and forth I go from yarn to thread. 

Oh Bother!

I think...probably what I need to do is STOP looking for ideas, I see one thing than another.I'm

caught betwixt and between. 

Yesterday it was pumpkins, today I feel snowflakes. The day or two before hat it was the spinner, which I did manage to fashion up, and I made a small one out of thread.. 

What are you working on?




Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A delightful crochet idea

My hook has been silent :(. I've just not had the mojo, I'm working on getting it back. So today I was looking for a pattern of sorts, and of course I stumbled upon something quite delightful.

So I'll share it with you.  I have not started the project yet, I'll be looking over some yarn from the stash this evening, and see what I come up with. It's getting dark earlier now, and time for projects which bring joy, but also ones which do not take forever to complete. 

Ophelia TalksEasy And Quick Crochet Wind Spinner- Crochet Projects With Scrap Yarn

This is a Crochet You Tube. A simple lovely pattern for a wind spinner....isn't this cute? 

I think I will make a few....I have some stash....

Well, stop over and see how it's done, she is delightful and the pattern seems easy enough even for a beginner. And who knows. this may get you out of your MOJO slump.