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Friday, July 30, 2021

Off the hook


                                           My intention was and still is to make pillow cushions. I had made one pillow cushion already, if you missed the post you can find it here    With this one, I wanted one side in this color, which is Bone, and the other was Taupe (stash busting), I came up a wee bit short on the Taupe. The local craft has 50% coupon sale, but no Taupe. But I could order it, free shipping. Which works also for me. So it's on the way. 
I've still not picked up the thread and the small hook. I've got an idea, yep only one....they just don't come easy for me.  I finished up a batch of Goats milk pour and melt soap, so nice. I added some dried herbs from the garden. Note to self next time, mix the herbs in don't sprinkle, and maybe a little Lavender Essential oil. I've got another pound of it waiting in the wings because I've ordered a cute little soap mold, which I think I will make some cute little soaps, and pop them into the Etsy shoppe.  
Have a beautiful weekend 


  1. I hope the taupe yarn that you need in order to finish the pillow comes quickly. Then it's on to the next project.
    It's a long weekend here in Canada. I'm never sure if your long weekends are the same as ours. Anyway, since we're retired the only difference it makes is more visits from our kids.

  2. How cool that you are making soaps! I tried it one time, and my husband wasn't comfortable with me working with lye, even though I took all precautions. I think it would be fun to use cute molds! And herbs from the garden... heavenly!

    1. No Lye for me, I am not comfortable either. Melt and pour, all the lye work was done for me. It takes a little of the from scratch away, but in the end, I have soap.

  3. I can't wait to see the taupe side finished, too, and the completed pillow! Such beautiful work. And the soaps -- I wonder which mold you chose?

  4. This is very lovely! Cant wait to see how it looks completed. I love the header of your blog. So colorful! Cant wait to see your soap with the mold you choose!


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