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Friday, July 16, 2021

New project(s)

I've finished up the granny ripple, and have yet begun with the thread, but rather picked up the yarn and am making another round pillow cover. Eventually I will work up the square and rectangle one also. Throwing in some thread in the middle somewhere...

I ordered some beeswax locally, it arrived yesterday and next week I'll make up some candles. I've got a few non yarn things going on.....what? Oh yes I do play with other things once in a while, the candles are one, I'm toying around with making soap.. the melt and pour goats milk. Not going to mess with the lye, it is already worked out in the melt and pour. I've ordered a wine making kit, and that should just about do it, for now...plenty to keep me busy. . 

The Chocolate Cherry Sunflower head, ready for harvest. Letting this dry out for seeds. 



  1. I like to make soap using the melt and pour and have lots of fun with colours and scents.

    1. I think this has to be the way for me too. I have some lovely herbs which will fragrant it nicely.

  2. I have never seen one of the chocolate sunflowers turn out so rich and dark! Mine stayed at a kind of light cocoa color but yours is a showstopper! Wow! I agree with you about the melt-and-pour soap; the lye recipes are complex! I have been saving wood ashes though just in case I ever need to make soap like a pioneer! Although I am a teetotaller, I have made cordials in the past from wild berries. The wine-making kit sounds fun!

  3. In my mind I am cheating using the melt and pour. I know it isn't the case, and I like to do things "original", the way the pioneers did. It is a hang up I guess. But I am fearful of the lye, and sometimes don't follow the directions well.

  4. I’ve never seen chocolate sunflowers before. How lovely!

    A couple of years ago I bought a block of beeswax to make candles, but it is still in a cupboard. 😊

  5. Nil, beeswax candles...:) I don't make alot, but usually around this time of year I start thinking about the fall and holidays, and I make them. It does take some time for that to melt, I used to buy the block, but it has be broken up in smaller parts to fit in the pan. It takes a long time to melt. I buy it now, locally in ingots.


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