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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Making time for some hook moving

With summertime happening outside the window, everything which had become high maintainance is on it's own, it's either growing, flourishing or it isn't at this point. I've done all I can, and mother nature can take the point. I've not done much crocheting and so I've set about working on another pillow cushion cover, like the previous one in pattern, but different color. This one will be done in Taupe, and I think the flip side will be bone. 

I feel a wee bit grouchy today, and so some nice hook time will slow my roll a bit, and settle me down hopefully. Trying to do to much isn't good, and not doing enough isn't either, today I am having a difficult time finding I will crochet. It is my gentle friend and will keep me company for a few hours. 

 I've got a few things left in the dehydrator which I've pulled for drying, and adding to the soap base when it arrives. It's cloudy and cooler today, more to my liking. 

Enjoy your day....


  1. Sometimes, a day will not feel right to me, and you are so correct, it is hard to get a balance. I hear you about the gardening -- a couple of my plants I had to bid farewell to, as even constant fussing over them could not overcome the sun and heat!

  2. I hope taking time to sit peacefully and crochet put you in a better mood. Taupe and bone will look great together.

  3. Beautiful cushion, such a lovely pattern.

  4. The pillow is going to be beautiful! I hope crochet continues to brighten your days!


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