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Friday, July 30, 2021

Off the hook


                                           My intention was and still is to make pillow cushions. I had made one pillow cushion already, if you missed the post you can find it here    With this one, I wanted one side in this color, which is Bone, and the other was Taupe (stash busting), I came up a wee bit short on the Taupe. The local craft has 50% coupon sale, but no Taupe. But I could order it, free shipping. Which works also for me. So it's on the way. 
I've still not picked up the thread and the small hook. I've got an idea, yep only one....they just don't come easy for me.  I finished up a batch of Goats milk pour and melt soap, so nice. I added some dried herbs from the garden. Note to self next time, mix the herbs in don't sprinkle, and maybe a little Lavender Essential oil. I've got another pound of it waiting in the wings because I've ordered a cute little soap mold, which I think I will make some cute little soaps, and pop them into the Etsy shoppe.  
Have a beautiful weekend 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Making time for some hook moving

With summertime happening outside the window, everything which had become high maintainance is on it's own, it's either growing, flourishing or it isn't at this point. I've done all I can, and mother nature can take the point. I've not done much crocheting and so I've set about working on another pillow cushion cover, like the previous one in pattern, but different color. This one will be done in Taupe, and I think the flip side will be bone. 

I feel a wee bit grouchy today, and so some nice hook time will slow my roll a bit, and settle me down hopefully. Trying to do to much isn't good, and not doing enough isn't either, today I am having a difficult time finding I will crochet. It is my gentle friend and will keep me company for a few hours. 

 I've got a few things left in the dehydrator which I've pulled for drying, and adding to the soap base when it arrives. It's cloudy and cooler today, more to my liking. 

Enjoy your day....

Friday, July 16, 2021

New project(s)

I've finished up the granny ripple, and have yet begun with the thread, but rather picked up the yarn and am making another round pillow cover. Eventually I will work up the square and rectangle one also. Throwing in some thread in the middle somewhere...

I ordered some beeswax locally, it arrived yesterday and next week I'll make up some candles. I've got a few non yarn things going on.....what? Oh yes I do play with other things once in a while, the candles are one, I'm toying around with making soap.. the melt and pour goats milk. Not going to mess with the lye, it is already worked out in the melt and pour. I've ordered a wine making kit, and that should just about do it, for now...plenty to keep me busy. . 

The Chocolate Cherry Sunflower head, ready for harvest. Letting this dry out for seeds. 


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Finishing up and pondering next crochet adventure. The granny ripple for my son is done as far as the length. I've got some ends to shore up where the yarns were joined. Once that is done, I'll pop an edging on there and call it an off the hook. Next is going to be thread, Something in thread it has been a long time it seems since I have worked with the thread and the tiny hook. It will be a nice break, 3 afghans later. I'm ready for something small, I go back and forth. 

This is a doily I designed, it's called Wildwood Rose....

Pattern is for sale. 

Friday, July 2, 2021

A lesson in patience

If you work with yarn, then you know of what I speak.(

The dreaded tangle. 

I won this one! Four days. I almost gave up several times, but as long I can  make progress, I keep going. It helps strengthen my patience, and while I don't want to do this all the time, it does relax me and I find it very calming, and mindless busy work.

 Anything worth doing is worth doing right,  


I've only had one time where I had to throw the yarn away. I contacted the company, and they sent me what was lost plus some extra with apologies. It happens. 

These two look a little rough, not today because I'm tired of looking at it. But tomorrow I will shape up the balls. That is why I never pull from a skein and begin a project. Always round them up first. 

So now I can can work the granny ripple. Just not today :)

Plugging along

I've put off posting, for not two much progress has been made on the granny ripple, it's a slow go. I've run into a yarn snag from the skein, while trying to roll it into a ball, and it's a frightful mess. I have 2 ball winding and a gaggle in the middle of tangled lovely. It will I hope finish up today, this is day 3 with it. 

I picked up some more yarn that I needed to finish it up. And it has been dreadfully hot/humid, and now witthe the weight of the fabric, and the warmth it provides, I work on sparingly. I've come up with an idea or two I want to begin, with thread, using the irish crochet roses I made. 

This one is in a mandala I made, I like the varigated petals, and may have to fashion up a few of these by themselves.
It's the one here in this picture I have in my tinker box...sitting there looking all lonely, they need to be out and displayed in some magical lovely form. I have an idea floating around. I've been sidetracked this week other things which are far less fun and relaxing. I'm going to make time. 

So....have a lovely 4th of July if you celebrate it where you live. It is the birthday of my country, and I share my birthday with her.