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Monday, June 7, 2021



 Things ( yarn) have gotten out of hand. So some tidying up is in order. I have no room/place/cubby for a craft anything here. So I have to be very careful about what I accumulate. I keep my yarn in the Amish Tinker box, and when it get's to full out it goes. Some of the yarn I've a while, there are various sizes of balls, not enough to full projects, they have been bagged up and will be going to the Charity shoppe. A few full skeins also, things I bought "intending" to make something, didn't like the yarn or the colorway for the imagined project. I have 2 full bags of stash. 

I feel better about it, as I get older I don't like to have alot of things lying around taking up space which I is prime space. I have a few skeins in their to make my son a blanket/afghan. When that is all done, there will be much less yarn. Thread another matter. It takes a while to use up all that thread, and I'm in yarn mode currently. Eventually that tide will shift. 

 I did have to order some yarn, nothing local here, so  I ordered it from Annies, and it should arrive today, just 4 skeins. For a pillow cover, and I may use the other two for my son's granny ripple afghan, which is underway. It will get used either way, and won't become a stash problem.

Have a good week!


  1. The more I try and use up my stash; it always seems to grow a bit larger. I will come to an end of a project and need just a bit more yarn or thread and have to go buy some, and then finish the project with a bit of yarn/thread left over. It seems a never ending story. Yes, sometimes I do donate the yarn. I recently crocheted a baby boy blue blanket for my DIL's neighbor who is expecting! I hope to start crocheting in the evenings more often.

  2. I need to have a good sort out and organise my yarn, there is not enough hours in the day. lol!!

  3. I need to go through my stash and get rid of some things, too. Things that are perfectly nice, but just no longer appeal. But someone could benefit from them, certainly! I'm looking forward to see that afghan you are making!

  4. It's a nice feeling to de-clutter and organize. So good of you for doing that right now. That little lamb is too cute.



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