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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Crochet a lifelong friend

I was moving the hook early in the day today, and moving about smartly in between.  Crochet is thinking time for me. Especially when it is a repetative pattern which  I've got down pat. I just move the hook and my mind wanders about as it pleases. Sometimes I think things which I need to do, othertimes, it's off wondering in the past, recalling sometimes  things which I havn't thought about in years and years. Making restitutions for wrongs, and giving thanks for good which has come to me. 

It is very cathartic.

 It is my friend. It's been with me for years. Thick and thin. I don't do tv, havn't in years, and the radio isn't on much anymore either...I shut out and off the unecessary clap trap and noise. I just don't care. 

I focus on my creativity, and the peace which producing with my hands allows me. Crochet is very forgiving, and easy to pick up and start again. It travels easy and is light.Requires only a hook, and yarn. 

It is amazing how different you feel when your mind is free and clear. I hope you have a creative friend which you feel helps you to slow down, and enjoy the simple joys.   

Something once again in thread is coming soon. I have a snood to finish up. I am sending this to a friend I've never met, who brings me joy on her You Tube channel. It's been in my pretties box, and has been waiting for just the right home. I love making these little cottage potholders. 

Peace & Blessings.


  1. Your cottage potholders are beyond adorable. Crochet is indeed your friend, and a beautiful one. Yarn is transformed in your hands! I don't do TV other than have the Weather Channel on softly for the dogs if I am not here. I have heard of "pod casts" and that there are some wonderful pod casts, but I have yet to listen to any. I wonder if there are any gentle ones? I have listened to old-time radio shows, too, the original old shows and some of them are very amusing!

  2. Love the potholder, so pretty. Crochet is my go to craft to de stress too.

  3. What a sweet little crocheted house. It's darling, my friend.



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