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Monday, May 31, 2021

Pretties Box

What's in the pretty box? Isn't this a lovely box?  It's my pretties box. This is where I keep the items which I crochet that I want to keep nice and tidy, to offer for purchase.   Love those polka dots on the inside. So, what do we have? 



There are 12 of these 10 x 10  squares.These are the colors I have. I would prefer to sell the whole lot at once, I don't know what you would do with one square.

Details - look at the tab available for purchase at the of the blog.






  1. Your box is perfect for holding your pretties. It is nice to have a place to put your handmade treasures in safely; and you will know right where to look when you want them. This weekend I picked up a rope like basket to place my yarn in. Much nicer than the plastic container I was using.

    1. yes, nicer than plastic bags or plastic containers.

  2. Oh! I lost your blogs there for awhile! After the Blogger glitches I had. I am slowly rebuilding the Blogs I Enjoy list on my sidebar and suddenly noticed you weren't on it! Your crochet is beautiful. I wonder if maybe someone with less talent will buy those and be able to piece them together for a lovely blanket.

  3. If not, I'll hang on to them and eventually make something. thank you very much for the compliment about my work.

  4. Your Pretties Box is very nice. It reminds me of one I have for the things that were passed on to me after my parents left this world. I also have a crocheted doily that my grandmother made, and it goes in my box. You have made so many wonderful things.


  5. I sadly do not have any crochet things passed down. Maybe that is why I love that thread crochet so much, it was something my grandmother would have done. Wait! I do have one small hanky which has a crochet edging, and an emboidered M on it. For Micheal my grandfather. I carried it at my wedding. I have that tucked away in another pretty box.


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