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Monday, May 24, 2021

Stitches, on/off the hook, show and tell, and for sale


The ripple afghan is completed. Off my hook! :)  

I'm still working on pillow cushions, I made one up with log cabin variation, but it just didn't work for me in the colors, put it off to the side for now. 


I did see a lovely and very simple pillow cover for a round pillow. 



A few things to note about patterns. Sometimes when you download patterns, you will never really know what you're going to get as far as the pattern goes. I spent $2.99 for the pattern and worked up 12 round of it last night, it works up fast.A typo which I was able to work through, if you are new to the crochet world this may have tripped you up, I am well seasoned, no big deal. Another thing, patterns not designed in USA, for example UK, have different hook sizes then ours and "usually" the pattern will refer to US vs UK size hooks. And terminology two different animals between US & UK.  For example in US DC double crochet, in the UK it is refered to TC treble crochet. 

Most patterns will have these differences indicated with the pattern instructions. This one also had a stitch I had not ever heard of. But of course I had, for in the US it is a different name.  A stitch which at first I did not like, until I got the hang of it. There is a front version and a back version of the stitch, and what it is designed to do is create a recess or depth, add dimension and definition to the stitches which surround

Lots of FPDC & BPDC, I got very good at it, and overcame my fear.

In the pattern it is referred to as RTRF relief treble front, here is the USA, it is known  FPDC. There are many tutorials for this stitch onlin. You are working around the post of previous rows dc, it's how you insert the hook which gives it the textured look. I didn't used to like this stitch, but when I made that feather afghan (above) I got pretty good at it, and can  see how the application works and gives texture.

You can see here on my work, how the stitch gives depth and texture. This is Caron Simply Soft colorway Heatherwood. Using a size  G .


I just ordered this bag from
Isn't it the truth?  
And if you are interested in purchasing ,I have quite a few Victorian Lattice Squares already completed, I don't have a shop anymore at Etsy, But if you are interested, and would like to purchase some or all let me know, email me so we can chat about what colors I have and prices. I don't recall what I had them priced for there, They will be less here as I don't have to pay Etsy for the sale. I would have to check I think I have maybe 12 of them in various colors.   They measure 10x10 and here are a sampling of colors. 

 close up of the square, the roses are for sale also. 

Have a great week.



  1. All of your crochet is just lovely! I love all of the colors you chose!

  2. I don't like to pay for patterns, but yes I have found mistakes in them too. Your work is beautiful.

    1. I don't do it very often, it has to be a pattern whch I cannot find anywhere else for free, sometime you get lucky. Thank you for the compliment.

  3. The rose doilies are so pretty. You did a nice job on those.

    Wishing you good June days.



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