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Monday, May 17, 2021

A Craft store run

 I had no off white to finish up the ripple afghan, in the stash. I just needed a very small amount, guess I just lost at that game of chicken. It happens. SO, while I was there I picked up an eggshell color both Red Heart. I am a Caron Simply Soft lover, and yes I did pick up on skein in Robin Egg's blue for the pillows, by Caron SImply Soft. As I said I don't hoard yarn, if I buy it, it's because I need to use it in something I'm working on currently. 

I have about 4 rows left on the ripple, then I'll tidy up the loose ends, and call it a day. 

I'm working on the pillow cover, and I have the snood to finish.  Then, I'll be out of WIP's. 
I want to finish up the afghan, it's nice to work on it when it is cold or damp, and it's been both so it keeps me warm while I'm working on it. We are halfway through May, and it's borrowed time for the weather, so I'm pressing on to finish it up. 

 So, I have some of these squares I made up. I think about 10 or so. I had them up for sale in my former Etsy shoppe, didn't sell. So I must make something out of them don't I? Not another afghan, no uh uh!
Two a year are enough. 

I did see a interesting tote bag, you use a canvas tote and sew the patches to the tote to give it structure, very interesting. I would have to re measure these, if I'm not mistaken they are a good size. The pattern for these squares is called Victorian Lattice Squares. The pattern is available at Ravelry, the pattern is by Destany Wymore, it is a FREE Pattern and you can find it Here 
It is a very pretty pattern, and it is easy to fashion them up quickly, and use up stash, which is what I did with mine. Maybe my next project.  

Have a great crafting week !


  1. I need to make a craft store run soon. I'm making a list so I don't forget anything. I have a lot on the hooks and need to finish up some. Your squares would make a nice tote.

    1. They would make a lovely tote, oh the joining is just not my cuppa, there is a pattern to join these squares called the Celtic Join if not mistaken. It is a very pretty lacy join.

  2. Thank you for the link to the free pattern at Ravelry, Faith. I saved it in my crochet projects folder. :)

  3. You are welcome Nil, pretty arn't they?


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