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Monday, May 31, 2021

Pretties Box

What's in the pretty box? Isn't this a lovely box?  It's my pretties box. This is where I keep the items which I crochet that I want to keep nice and tidy, to offer for purchase.   Love those polka dots on the inside. So, what do we have? 



There are 12 of these 10 x 10  squares.These are the colors I have. I would prefer to sell the whole lot at once, I don't know what you would do with one square.

Details - look at the tab available for purchase at the of the blog.





Friday, May 28, 2021

It's off my hook!


I've been moving my hook, and have completed the round petal pillow. I believe I will make one more. But first I have a square and rectangle one to finish. All in good time. 

The pattern was easy enough, with a repeat so it works up very quickly, and I like the finished product very much with the texture and shell pattern ( which is my favorite) . I found a round pillow form at JoAnn's and picked it up avoiding unnecessary browsing and buying. I do purchase patterns on occasion, I don't do it very often, and if I can find the pattern for free, and sometimes you can. 

I didn't have enough yarn to do the entire pillow in the same color, but it works out fine, I think all the colors will work, and I can flip the pillow. I took almost a whole ball of Caron Simply Soft, half of it is Heatherwood Green, which I really like, and the other gray. So I used up some stash too!  

This is the Heatherwood Green side

                                                                         Flip Side.....

                                       This is the med gray color, trimmed with the Heatherwood Gray

This was a nice easy pattern, and it really makes a nice pillow cover.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Stitches, on/off the hook, show and tell, and for sale


The ripple afghan is completed. Off my hook! :)  

I'm still working on pillow cushions, I made one up with log cabin variation, but it just didn't work for me in the colors, put it off to the side for now. 


I did see a lovely and very simple pillow cover for a round pillow. 



A few things to note about patterns. Sometimes when you download patterns, you will never really know what you're going to get as far as the pattern goes. I spent $2.99 for the pattern and worked up 12 round of it last night, it works up fast.A typo which I was able to work through, if you are new to the crochet world this may have tripped you up, I am well seasoned, no big deal. Another thing, patterns not designed in USA, for example UK, have different hook sizes then ours and "usually" the pattern will refer to US vs UK size hooks. And terminology two different animals between US & UK.  For example in US DC double crochet, in the UK it is refered to TC treble crochet. 

Most patterns will have these differences indicated with the pattern instructions. This one also had a stitch I had not ever heard of. But of course I had, for in the US it is a different name.  A stitch which at first I did not like, until I got the hang of it. There is a front version and a back version of the stitch, and what it is designed to do is create a recess or depth, add dimension and definition to the stitches which surround

Lots of FPDC & BPDC, I got very good at it, and overcame my fear.

In the pattern it is referred to as RTRF relief treble front, here is the USA, it is known  FPDC. There are many tutorials for this stitch onlin. You are working around the post of previous rows dc, it's how you insert the hook which gives it the textured look. I didn't used to like this stitch, but when I made that feather afghan (above) I got pretty good at it, and can  see how the application works and gives texture.

You can see here on my work, how the stitch gives depth and texture. This is Caron Simply Soft colorway Heatherwood. Using a size  G .


I just ordered this bag from
Isn't it the truth?  
And if you are interested in purchasing ,I have quite a few Victorian Lattice Squares already completed, I don't have a shop anymore at Etsy, But if you are interested, and would like to purchase some or all let me know, email me so we can chat about what colors I have and prices. I don't recall what I had them priced for there, They will be less here as I don't have to pay Etsy for the sale. I would have to check I think I have maybe 12 of them in various colors.   They measure 10x10 and here are a sampling of colors. 

 close up of the square, the roses are for sale also. 

Have a great week.


Monday, May 17, 2021

A Craft store run

 I had no off white to finish up the ripple afghan, in the stash. I just needed a very small amount, guess I just lost at that game of chicken. It happens. SO, while I was there I picked up an eggshell color both Red Heart. I am a Caron Simply Soft lover, and yes I did pick up on skein in Robin Egg's blue for the pillows, by Caron SImply Soft. As I said I don't hoard yarn, if I buy it, it's because I need to use it in something I'm working on currently. 

I have about 4 rows left on the ripple, then I'll tidy up the loose ends, and call it a day. 

I'm working on the pillow cover, and I have the snood to finish.  Then, I'll be out of WIP's. 
I want to finish up the afghan, it's nice to work on it when it is cold or damp, and it's been both so it keeps me warm while I'm working on it. We are halfway through May, and it's borrowed time for the weather, so I'm pressing on to finish it up. 

 So, I have some of these squares I made up. I think about 10 or so. I had them up for sale in my former Etsy shoppe, didn't sell. So I must make something out of them don't I? Not another afghan, no uh uh!
Two a year are enough. 

I did see a interesting tote bag, you use a canvas tote and sew the patches to the tote to give it structure, very interesting. I would have to re measure these, if I'm not mistaken they are a good size. The pattern for these squares is called Victorian Lattice Squares. The pattern is available at Ravelry, the pattern is by Destany Wymore, it is a FREE Pattern and you can find it Here 
It is a very pretty pattern, and it is easy to fashion them up quickly, and use up stash, which is what I did with mine. Maybe my next project.  

Have a great crafting week !

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I've got 3 things going

on the old hook. Unusual for me, as I am a one trick pony usually. The afgan I'm working on is almost completed, maybe another 10 rows. I think I am out of the cream color. I have the hair snood to complete, it is done crochet wise, but the elastic part is tripping me up.. I am using elastic thread and see how that goes. I have some elastic head bands, they seem a little tight, it's like the 3 bears trying to find the right chair. And I started a new yarn project for some couch pillows. 

I'm not in the designing mode at the moment, usually some things will pop in when I am working on something else. But I need to finish up at least one of the projects.

While I like the colorways used in the above links, I'm using what I have. I'm trying to incorporate some colors I have ( which don't) match, to bring things together. We'll see. 😏 I had bought some yarn for a pillow cover, I was going to make a tapestry gingham pillow cover, and so I bought 3 different yarns in the gray color way, one dark, one medium, and one light. It just didn't seem to work for me, and then I saw this pattern. 


Log Cabin Variation Pillow  

You can find the free pattern for them Here and here

Pretty isn't it? I like the cream/ivory colors. Not what I had on hand. And I don't buy yarn to just have it, I must be making something with it. I was committed with the grays and I'll use what I have. 

What are you working on? 

Have a beautiful week.   


Monday, May 3, 2021

A new project on the hook

Thread this time. I'm taking a rest from the ripple, it's almost done for the most part.

This is what I've begun last night, it is going very quickly. I want to design my own, and wanted to see how a completed one should look. 


 Internet Photo Credit 

the pattern can be found 



 I really like the look of the snoods. They have a long history. It is a flattering and lovely way to keep hair tidy and out of the way. I have fairly long hair now, and it is usually in braids or I have it up in some way. I don't like hair hanging about loosely. Maybe it will catch on again. I've not ever seen anybody around where I live with one...I suppose there are places like Amish for example, they where their hair up and have a covering, not as extreme as this.Usually a cloth. 

I'm from a time zone where as young girls we took care of our hair, it was brushed, and pampered, we put it up, or wore it down with some type of a style to it. Long time ago now. So this is right up my alley, it may not be for everybody. They wear these at historical fairs where they re create in period costumes, something which I would have loved to do had I known. 

Well, anyway....have a great week!