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Monday, April 5, 2021

Tinkering around talking yarn & thread

It's snowing today, April 1st...not a joke. It's a good day for doing inside things, and a yarn basket tidy is way overdue.  

 I've said it once or twice before, it is not my nature to hoard yarn, crochet thread or anything else. I don't have shelves of yarn all crammed in color coded somewhere in my home. I have one simple place I put both my yarn and thread. All the yarn/thread I own is in this container, a simple lovely basket made by a simple Amish person/family. It stands about 3-4' tall. I am surrounded by almost every ball or skein I own, I have a few MIA's which are probably in my travel bag. 

 When it is full, I don't buy anymore period. I don't buy more shelves, boxes, tubs or buckets. 

I just make something..a novel concept.

I have over the past few months used up a couple of  thread skeins, and so on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, picked up a few from the vast selection of lovely #10 crochet threat. I don't have room for many or the lid on my container won't close. So I chose just three,   Antique,Coin, and Sweet Pea. The colors are rich and deep, they remind me of Victorian colors, right up my alley.  

Tink wanted to get in on the action, anytime there is yarn or thread involved.
 You will see the 3 right in the front, Artiste Hobby Lobby L-R Coin, Antique & Sweet Pea. The labels from the others are missing, and they were purchased at JoAnn's most likely and are the garden variety versions of the thread you typically buy there, all good thread the varieties are just limited.
I've got to put it all back in now. There is yarn, which is a little bit tangled. I have to decide what I am keeping, and what will go to the Prayer Shawl Ladies for them to have fun with. 
 Pattern roll out coming soon...  
The after shot...all cleaned out. I've got a nice bag of yarn and itty bittys for the Prayer Shawl ladies.

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