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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Pattern Roll out

Hello Everybody!

 I've been Tinkering with Thread, 

I've been working the small hook and some thread from the stash, I didn't use the entire ball, but it's not sitting in my basket with no home either.  So I'm very excited about now having 2 designs, something I've wanted to do for a while, we'll see how it goes, I hope there will be more. I've gained some experience and knowledge, it is about the journey.


Wildwood Rose Doily

You can view the doily, and purchase the pattern if so desired at my

Tinkering with Yarn



  1. That is a gorgeous doily! I love the rose motif! Congratulations on your second pattern!

  2. That little lamb is so cute. I noticed it on your side bar as well with a changed ribbon. Happy Easter, my friend.


  3. Isn't he though? I picked hum on a trip to the country, a 100 year old barn ( beautiful) converted to a gift shop, I picked him up to look at him, and couldn't put him down, his fur feels like wool, and I think it might be as he was more than I would pay for stuffed animal ever. I named him Tinker, Tink for short. Thank you for stopping .


It has been a sincere joy to have you visit.