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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Granny Ripple

I've been working a little every day on the granny ripple afghan, it's almost done. I think I am up to at least 4 skeins of yarn now, I have to check my Amish Tinker box to see if I have one more skein in there. I have a fairly good size ball going it's close to being completed.

It's a nice pattern, once you get past the first 2 rows, is where you have to pay attention to set the pattern, once you've got that it runs along nicely and there isn't much to keep track of. Sometimes, you just need a pattern like that.  It's what I call comfy crochet, you just move the hook, no pattern reading, or counting.
What will be next?    Patterns/ designs don't come easy to me, I don't know if I over think things, or what. I always wonder how people come us with so many ideas at the same time, they are brimming with ideas. That's not me unfortunately. I'm moving forward one step at a time. 
I just recently learned of Tapestry crochet, and this interests me some, along with Filet Crochet. 
Do you do either of these?

The colorway for this is Plums by Hobby lobby. It's really pretty yarn. The off white/cream is added in between the rows of  Plum.

Have a beauty!
 I'm always tinkering around with hook and yarn...stop again if you like, I like to have visitors.


  1. I love your Granny Ripple blanket Faith - gorgeous colours & pattern. Just beautiful!

  2. Thanks Julie, I was out in the yard today and have moved the hook all day....after dishes....hook time :)

  3. The tapestry crochet is so nice and cozy. I love the plum color. It looks like Fall colors. It will be so comfy this Fall. Oh, how I miss shopping at Hobby Lobby. Have a splendid week.


  4. Thanks for stopping by Sheri, I'm glad it's a little farther away so I don't go very often. But I really like Hobby Lobby. I'm working on a crochet snood with thread right now.


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