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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Granny Ripple

I've been working a little every day on the granny ripple afghan, it's almost done. I think I am up to at least 4 skeins of yarn now, I have to check my Amish Tinker box to see if I have one more skein in there. I have a fairly good size ball going it's close to being completed.

It's a nice pattern, once you get past the first 2 rows, is where you have to pay attention to set the pattern, once you've got that it runs along nicely and there isn't much to keep track of. Sometimes, you just need a pattern like that.  It's what I call comfy crochet, you just move the hook, no pattern reading, or counting.
What will be next?    Patterns/ designs don't come easy to me, I don't know if I over think things, or what. I always wonder how people come us with so many ideas at the same time, they are brimming with ideas. That's not me unfortunately. I'm moving forward one step at a time. 
I just recently learned of Tapestry crochet, and this interests me some, along with Filet Crochet. 
Do you do either of these?

The colorway for this is Plums by Hobby lobby. It's really pretty yarn. The off white/cream is added in between the rows of  Plum.

Have a beauty!
 I'm always tinkering around with hook and yarn...stop again if you like, I like to have visitors.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Doing a little tinkering with some stash yarn


 Taking a break from the afghan granny ripple, it's coming along. I decided to challenge myself and come up with a pattern. Using some stash yarn I fashioned up a table runner. This is a totally customizable pattern, you make it to fit what you need. It all starts at the different foundation chain, which is a nice little feature which provides a lovely little scallopy edging. 

I'm rolling this one out this week on Ravelry & Etsy, getting the pattern written and taking a few pictures are yet to be done. 

The Garden Trellis Tabletop Runner ( PDF)




Ravelry Tinkering with yarn 

Etsy Tinkeringwithyarn 

On the magazine front, I did submit a design and havn't heard a word which is not unusual. But I think by now I would have if they were interested. I'll try again sometime. In the meantime, I'll make up some things and post  them on Ravelry and Etsy. 


Have a fabulous week!



Thursday, April 15, 2021

Moving my hook

and patiently waiting for another design idea. For the life of me I can understand how some people have  4 or 5 things going. I really struggle for ideas. When I do fetch one, getting it to the hook from my head is not so easy. 

The afghan is halfway completed, I think I'm on the 4th skein of yarn. I submitted a pattern I've been working on for over 1 year to a crochet magazine one month ago now, I suppose that by now I've not been chosen to be in the  next issue. I'm going to re work the pattern a bit, and then I'll sell the pattern on Ravelry and my Etsy shoppe. On my sample I used a # 3 weight Premier DK, and while it was not as thick and worsted #4, I felt it was still just to bulky.  

I don't want to make it out of thread, and so I'm searching around to see what else would work. Any ideas? Would be appreciated. I've been crocheting for years and years, but I don't have alot of experience in working with the yarns in between the thread and #4.

I reintroduced a new item to my Etsy shoppe, and will be adding some things over time. 

Any of you work with thread? 

This is out now, I picked mine up last week at the grocery store. If you do work with thread, remember all the great thread magazines that used to come out or by subscription.  Have a wonderful week, we'll talk again soon.

Until then, I'll keep tinkering...

 Crochet World Specials – The Joy of Thread Summer 2021 | PDF Magazine  Download

Friday, April 9, 2021

Another afghan on the horizon?



 Sounds possible, although we are headed in to warmer weather arn't we? Oh well what does it matter, moving the hook is a good time no matter what you are creating.  I found 3 new skeins while I was cleaning out my Amish yarn basket, it's a varigated yarn. I had gone through some stitch books, and didn't find just the right pattern.

I remembered that I had years ago on my other blog, gotten a pattern from somewhere for the Granny Ripple Afghan, I think I made 4 or 5 of them at the time. I even made one for our pooch Spanky. I was grannying all over the place. I dug out the pattern out of my notebook, and that is what I've settled on. With varigated yarn you lose something in the pattern if you get something kind of fancy or detailed, this is perfect. 

The first 2 rows set up the entire pattern, and I got confused then as now, once you hit the 3rd row it is a repeat that row until you are done.

The ones below I changed up the yarn every few rows, the 1st one lived  over my couch.

The 2nd one was in the living room also, and the bright colored one I made for youngest son while in middle school, way to short for all of his 6'2 self now. I'll make another sometime. I like the color variations it makes the ripple stand out doesn't it.?


I emptied quite a bit out of the basket during the tidy. Off it will go, to live elsewhere and be on somebody elses hook making beautiful and lovely. Yarn isn't meant to be hoarded, it should be used. So now I have some breathing room in my basket. 

Let's see what else?  oh the yarn, I didn't tell you what it was did I?



Hobby Lobby I love this yarn print Plums

Pretty yarn, jewel tones..should make a pretty project, I think this time with a bigger hook, give my eyes a rest, until I come up with another design.I'm about 6" in on this one, with this yarn, there isn't as much pronounced ripple, and I'm trying to decide if I should insert a row of a solid color in once every few rows?

I got to hand it Hobby Lobby,  I love the names they choose for their yarn and threads. That would be a fun job, picking names for the yarns.  Like my very favorite now d/c colorway that name and the yarn was lovely.  

This one is different in that it is a varigated standing on it's own, I've not mixed any solids or alternating colors. The idea being to use what's living in my Amish Stash bin. I used up one skein, and will not doubt use up the third one, I'll be at Hobby Lobby I think picking up at least 2 more skeins. 

I have a off white/cream which I attempted to interject, I'm not all in on that. Because it is varigate you lose some of your ripple within the afghan. I'm not that far in at this point that I can't frog some of this and put another color ( which I don't have) or just leave it as it is. I am making this for my husband.  

Well, I did some frogging, back to the 7th row, added the cream color, I had a jumbo skein of Hobby Lobby Big Secret. It will help in two ways, I can get a few more rows of the varigated in, and I can use up more stash yarn. I bought the yarn for a project it didn't work out to well. So it won't be wasted.

Until next time....

Monday, April 5, 2021

Tinkering around talking yarn & thread

It's snowing today, April 1st...not a joke. It's a good day for doing inside things, and a yarn basket tidy is way overdue.  

 I've said it once or twice before, it is not my nature to hoard yarn, crochet thread or anything else. I don't have shelves of yarn all crammed in color coded somewhere in my home. I have one simple place I put both my yarn and thread. All the yarn/thread I own is in this container, a simple lovely basket made by a simple Amish person/family. It stands about 3-4' tall. I am surrounded by almost every ball or skein I own, I have a few MIA's which are probably in my travel bag. 

 When it is full, I don't buy anymore period. I don't buy more shelves, boxes, tubs or buckets. 

I just make something..a novel concept.

I have over the past few months used up a couple of  thread skeins, and so on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, picked up a few from the vast selection of lovely #10 crochet threat. I don't have room for many or the lid on my container won't close. So I chose just three,   Antique,Coin, and Sweet Pea. The colors are rich and deep, they remind me of Victorian colors, right up my alley.  

Tink wanted to get in on the action, anytime there is yarn or thread involved.
 You will see the 3 right in the front, Artiste Hobby Lobby L-R Coin, Antique & Sweet Pea. The labels from the others are missing, and they were purchased at JoAnn's most likely and are the garden variety versions of the thread you typically buy there, all good thread the varieties are just limited.
I've got to put it all back in now. There is yarn, which is a little bit tangled. I have to decide what I am keeping, and what will go to the Prayer Shawl Ladies for them to have fun with. 
 Pattern roll out coming soon...  
The after shot...all cleaned out. I've got a nice bag of yarn and itty bittys for the Prayer Shawl ladies.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Pattern Roll out

Hello Everybody!

 I've been Tinkering with Thread, 

I've been working the small hook and some thread from the stash, I didn't use the entire ball, but it's not sitting in my basket with no home either.  So I'm very excited about now having 2 designs, something I've wanted to do for a while, we'll see how it goes, I hope there will be more. I've gained some experience and knowledge, it is about the journey.


Wildwood Rose Doily

You can view the doily, and purchase the pattern if so desired at my

Tinkering with Yarn