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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What's on your hook?


Crochet is happening here, slowly, but it's happening. Not working on a pattern already fashioned up by someone else, but rather moving the hook and writing things down, and hopefully at the appointed time I will have a design and a pattern.

This ever happen to you? You start out with an idea, and it evolves over and over again and you wind up with something else. I suppose it does, because crafting something from our own creativity is ever changing and expanding isn't it? I'm learning that too. It is a great learning curve and the journey is fun as I don't know what the finished project will be. 

It's coming along pretty good so far, and I intend to put it on my Ravelry  page, here's the link Tinkeringwithyarn

If you are on Ravelry please do let me know. I just started over there and am looking for more folks to contact with and talk crochet, that is what it is all about isn't  it?  I am not on social media, with the exception of my blogs. That is enough. I've found that it way to time consuming when I could be doing something more valuable. So if you are like me, let's connect about crochet on a more limited basis. I don't need to know what you've had for lunch, lets talk crochet. 

I've added a new crochet link up here on my blog for the Underground Crafter. Stop and visit Marie, she has alot of information to share. ( link on the side bar).





  1. Your crochet Sunbonnet Sue is just beautiful Faith - we used to call them Holly Hobbies I think. She is delightful.

  2. Thank you Julie, I prefer the name Holly Hobbie, it fits doesn't it?


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