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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Off the hook!!

Hello, how was your week? Working on anything lovely? 

                                                      It's off my hook, and it needs to go on the hoop. This is the 2nd one of these that I have made, it is a very pretty doily pattern, but I'm going to hoop it, and hang it in the window. This was done in size 10 crochet thread, and a 7 mm steel hook. The previous one I made you can view the post Here . 

I've taken a wee break from the design as it is mostly done. loose ends, and steaming. After pressing this out, it needs to go on the hoop and I'll be done with these projects. I started a small project with thread, and am working on a pattern. I try to write the pattern down after each row.this is a learning curve for me and I'll get the hang of it soon enough.   But it is not the part I like the best, of course moving the hook is the best part. It's something new and I must learn to do both if I'm going to be successful at writing crochet patterns.

I have added a free pattern if you are interested. I am hoping to add more as time goes hooks only go so fast.... please drop me a line and let me know that you got the pattern ok, and I'd like to see what you make with it. 
Have a joy filled, creative week.  
Happy Spring, today is the first day of Spring, where I live.


  1. Beautiful doily pattern, I love the idea of hanging it in the window in a hoop.

  2. Thank you, I found the hoop and will be working on this over the weekend. I don't like to have to much going on at one time. They won't get finished that way. Thank you for stopping over & leaving a comment here. I appreciate it. Trying to get this blog up and running since I've changed the format for all crochet.

  3. That is so pretty, Faith. I have always loved blue in the home, and have a few blue items myself. My sister loves doilies and has collected many of them through the years. This design is very nice.



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