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Friday, March 12, 2021

Let's talk Tinkering!


My name is Faith and 

I am a maker, a novice crochet designer, and a hobby crocheter all in one. If you are a kindred spirit and you crochet also, the more the merrier, thank you for taking time. If you don't crochet, and you've stopped in for a visit to see what's shakin here, I thank you.   

I make many things from patterns other folks have designed, and I'm okay with that, I've made some lovely things over the years, and will continue to do so. But...I am very much interested in designing my own patterns. I've made a few small things over the years, didn't think to much about it to even write the pattern down, who knew? 

I have heard said about creating a Niche for ones self, I've struggled a bit with that. What is my Niche? Do I need one to be successful at Crochet? No, I would say that I am reasonably successful at crochet and things which I make for my personal use. In simple terms as I see it is, what floats your boat? What do  you love to do, what do you gravitate to. 

As for how I move the hook, I am not a hat or sock person, an afghan maybe or garment occasionally.

  But really what catches my fancy, is anything which looks vintage, lacy, and perhaps Victorian in nature. I am particularly fond of working with thread and a size 7 steel hook, and I do gravitate to that more often than not. It is the epitome of the Vintage, the Victorian, and is lacy and lovely.

  I cannot be bothered making things which I have no interest in just for the sake of making something, so there won't be any crochet toast, or ham n eggs, no body parts, oh yes they are out there, to each their own, you just won't see that here at my place. I don't have a hugh yarn stash from floor to ceiling. I purchase yarn as it is required and the color for the project. 

It is my hope to showcase what I make with my hook when I Tinker with yarn, and make pretty things. Perhaps have a giveaway or two, and have some patterns for sale possibly as I grow in this area. Tutorials? I don't know there are a million of them already out there, what can I add? Not my niche.  

It's al about crochet here.    

I suppose this is the part where I insert a photo of something I've made with my hook, and since this is most recently off the hook, I'll show this, and tell you where I got the pattern. This is not a thread project, but I thought the pattern was so lovely, and being a crocheter if you are, you realize the time it takes to make and design, write a pattern etc...


The beginning rounds, same yarn colorway Victorian Rose by Caron Simply Soft, and below the finished project color looks different. I'd say it's somewhere in between the two.

Annies Catalog

Do you remember when Annies used to have a free pattern posted every day? I liked that better than what they do now, it was kinder, simple time.

So, there you have it, crochet all the time everytime first posting. 

Stop by and see what's on my hook, and tell me what  is on yours. 

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  1. I don't crochet, but I do love vintage things, and I love lace too. At one time many years ago, my house was decorated in Victorian. I still like vintage, but also eclectic things, one of a kind. It's good to get to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing this post.



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