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Friday, March 26, 2021

I tinker with yarn, and alot of time thread too.

A few years ago, I crocheted some thread crochet Easter Eggs, they came out so pretty, I have plenty of thread available, and I just purchased some more plastic eggs at JoAnn's. I don't also see them, and happen to be at the right place at the right time. They fashion up so easily, and I have plenty of colors...I'll keep you updated on those..

I just finished tying them and putting them on the Twig Tree

My first love is Thread. The first project I ever made was a doily. I've made quite a few thread items over the years. 


  1. Your crochet eggs are just beautiful Faith ... how soft & pretty are those colours & they look wonderful hanging on your twig tree. Are you writing two blogs now Faith ... sorry I am a bit confused?

    1. Hi Julie,this one is just about crochet. The other is my original blog. Sorry about the confusion.I made myself confused too.

  2. They look adorable, what a great project.

  3. The crocheted eggs are so lovely. I like how you displayed them with your little Angel. They look cute hanging from the white tree. I love JoAnn's, and really miss shopping there. There used to be one right down the street in my old town. We don't have any craft shops here in the mountains, but it sure is peaceful.

    Happy Easter to you, my new blog friend.


  4. I'd gladly gift up the craft stores to live a peaceful peacefilled life..Thank you so much for stopping and leaving comments it always make my day, and a Happy Blessed Easter to you also.


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