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Monday, March 22, 2021

I did it, I submitted a pattern

I'm way new to this party. 

I said that I am a novice designer,  meaning...I am a want to be.  I am however finally working on something and have submitted it for a review to a magazine. 

I have a really hard time taking my minds eye design to the hook. 

I am curious about those who design, where do they get their inspirations and how they get from the minds eye onto the hook. And writing patterns? 

On the design which is still on my hook, I tried to write the pattern down as I went, and it kept changing and I had pages and pages of writing....set that down and try to come back to it. Then I decided all I want to do is crochet, and I'll figure it out later, I'll remember won't I?

Not so much...there's a happy medium in the mix here.

If you've designed something I'd like to hear how you combine the two things, moving the hook with writing the pattern.

I'm almost finished with the design, and then...I'll revisit the pattern writing.  

Until then, I'm having fun moving my hook and tinkering around. 

Well, one evening I set the crochet aside, the piece is completed now. Looked over the notes I did have written, and broke down the entire garment and wrote the pattern best I could. I like to have details when I write a pattern, explanations etc, I suppose there are some folks who like it otherwise.

What say you? When you are making from a pattern do you like it short and sweet? Or are you ok with explanations and data to help you if you get stuck?

If you've gotten the free pattern for the Darlin Dress up, I'd really like to see what you fashion up with your hook, thanks. 

Keep in touch, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I like to write it down as I go along and then revisit the writing in another colour to try it again. I am also a fan of an explanation for an unusual stitch or design.

  2. I write it down as I go. Sweet and simple and easy to print. I don't like to download a pattern.


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