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Monday, March 1, 2021

Finished with the round and round


Not the finished one, just for reference. There is one more section of the feather pattern.
Looking back at the previous posting about this, under the label Crochet Afghan, it looks like I begain this project on February 12th. Working on it every day, lots of frogging in the beginning, and then waiting a day or so for the yarn delivery. 

It's just off the hook now, so no picture.  I think I'll give it a good steam to release the fibers. Picture will be posted later.  

I'm not sorry this is off the hook at all. I learned a few things about myself while making this.

1. I don't like long projects, and while this wasn't long in duration, it could have been and maybe it would have gotten completed, maybe not. 46 rows and round and round. A very dense pattern, 95% of this was a stitch in a stitch, very little lacy business going on, however it is a beautiful pattern, I used 4/5 skeins of yarn 4 new ones and 1/2 of stash. 

2. Ordering patterns....don't usually do it, for a very good reason. That won't change. If I hadn't paid for the pattern, I may have just given up.

There are a few little life's lessons from this project. 

The point is, I perservered and got it done. It is lovely.  I didn't do the very last round, I was playing yarn chicken and knew I didn't have enough to go all the way around. I had a new skein in the ready but chose to not use it to end this project. I'll have a full skein for future use.

I have ordered some new yarn, for the project I am trying to design. It is a DK 3 lighter yarn, and hopefully won't be so bulky as the first one I fashioned up. I didn't frog it, using as the pattern. 

So that yarn should come tomorrow. It will be a kinder, gentler pattern. 

Time to get supper started. 

Talk with you again soon.


  1. Well it came out beautiful, and it's an HEIRLOOM piece in my opinion! I hope your lighter-weight yarn comes soon. Our yarn shop was a victim of the COVID shutdown. I find it so hard to order things like yarn and floss by mail, but it's the only option for a lot of us now! I admire long projects, but I don't like to do them, either. I once had an extremely complex cross stitch project and I eventually stopped enjoying stitching it, but finished it, as it was a gift.

  2. The afghan is beautiful but I sure can see why you would be relieved that it's done. How many inches is it in diameter? Just looking at it I can't tell.

  3. It’s beautiful Faith. You are very patient. Looking forward to seeing the final result.

  4. It looks so pretty. I don't usually order patterns either I am a great fan of designing myself or using free patterns.

  5. So pretty. I love it. I am so glad that you finished it.

    God bless.

  6. Thank you all for your most lovely comments.


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