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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What's on your hook?


Crochet is happening here, slowly, but it's happening. Not working on a pattern already fashioned up by someone else, but rather moving the hook and writing things down, and hopefully at the appointed time I will have a design and a pattern.

This ever happen to you? You start out with an idea, and it evolves over and over again and you wind up with something else. I suppose it does, because crafting something from our own creativity is ever changing and expanding isn't it? I'm learning that too. It is a great learning curve and the journey is fun as I don't know what the finished project will be. 

It's coming along pretty good so far, and I intend to put it on my Ravelry  page, here's the link Tinkeringwithyarn

If you are on Ravelry please do let me know. I just started over there and am looking for more folks to contact with and talk crochet, that is what it is all about isn't  it?  I am not on social media, with the exception of my blogs. That is enough. I've found that it way to time consuming when I could be doing something more valuable. So if you are like me, let's connect about crochet on a more limited basis. I don't need to know what you've had for lunch, lets talk crochet. 

I've added a new crochet link up here on my blog for the Underground Crafter. Stop and visit Marie, she has alot of information to share. ( link on the side bar).




Friday, March 26, 2021

I tinker with yarn, and alot of time thread too.

A few years ago, I crocheted some thread crochet Easter Eggs, they came out so pretty, I have plenty of thread available, and I just purchased some more plastic eggs at JoAnn's. I don't also see them, and happen to be at the right place at the right time. They fashion up so easily, and I have plenty of colors...I'll keep you updated on those..

I just finished tying them and putting them on the Twig Tree

My first love is Thread. The first project I ever made was a doily. I've made quite a few thread items over the years. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

I did it, I submitted a pattern

I'm way new to this party. 

I said that I am a novice designer,  meaning...I am a want to be.  I am however finally working on something and have submitted it for a review to a magazine. 

I have a really hard time taking my minds eye design to the hook. 

I am curious about those who design, where do they get their inspirations and how they get from the minds eye onto the hook. And writing patterns? 

On the design which is still on my hook, I tried to write the pattern down as I went, and it kept changing and I had pages and pages of writing....set that down and try to come back to it. Then I decided all I want to do is crochet, and I'll figure it out later, I'll remember won't I?

Not so much...there's a happy medium in the mix here.

If you've designed something I'd like to hear how you combine the two things, moving the hook with writing the pattern.

I'm almost finished with the design, and then...I'll revisit the pattern writing.  

Until then, I'm having fun moving my hook and tinkering around. 

Well, one evening I set the crochet aside, the piece is completed now. Looked over the notes I did have written, and broke down the entire garment and wrote the pattern best I could. I like to have details when I write a pattern, explanations etc, I suppose there are some folks who like it otherwise.

What say you? When you are making from a pattern do you like it short and sweet? Or are you ok with explanations and data to help you if you get stuck?

If you've gotten the free pattern for the Darlin Dress up, I'd really like to see what you fashion up with your hook, thanks. 

Keep in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Off the hook!!

Hello, how was your week? Working on anything lovely? 

                                                      It's off my hook, and it needs to go on the hoop. This is the 2nd one of these that I have made, it is a very pretty doily pattern, but I'm going to hoop it, and hang it in the window. This was done in size 10 crochet thread, and a 7 mm steel hook. The previous one I made you can view the post Here . 

I've taken a wee break from the design as it is mostly done. loose ends, and steaming. After pressing this out, it needs to go on the hoop and I'll be done with these projects. I started a small project with thread, and am working on a pattern. I try to write the pattern down after each row.this is a learning curve for me and I'll get the hang of it soon enough.   But it is not the part I like the best, of course moving the hook is the best part. It's something new and I must learn to do both if I'm going to be successful at writing crochet patterns.

I have added a free pattern if you are interested. I am hoping to add more as time goes hooks only go so fast.... please drop me a line and let me know that you got the pattern ok, and I'd like to see what you make with it. 
Have a joy filled, creative week.  
Happy Spring, today is the first day of Spring, where I live.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St Patricks Day Crochet Style

Little Lacy Vintage Style Potholder
Darlin Dress up  Free Pattern 
thread crochet Irish Lass embellished wall hanging

very long hooded scarf

Lovely Thread Crochet Potholder Vintage Style
(For Pretty only)


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Maybe something in thread

 Here we are once again,

The design project is off my hook !

 Are you like this when you finish a project?

 Can't wait to get it started, and then you can't wait for it to be done?  There is something just ever so lovely about  starting a new crochet project with all fresh new yarn. 

It's time to do a project with some thread, a smaller hook and lighter material. I've done 2 projects back to back with yarn, the first the Harvest fields afghan in my previous post, and now this garment. I still have to weave and steam it, but I think we shall call it a finished project.

Something small, with instant gratification is what I'm thinking.

Well, lets see, I could make Crochet Bells havn't done that in a while, they are quick, and off the hook in a few minutes, or I could make some more Crochet Easter Eggs. also quick. 

I did pretty good with the yarn expectation, with both projects I had only one skein left, and wasn't caught short. With the afghan I did use a smaller hook. The pattern called for a K size hook. I tend to crochet on the loose side so I took it down a few notches, and used a G.  Doing a swatch with the K left my stitches loose and undefined.   

I don't buy yarn to buy yarn, but  did purchase some new thread at Hobby Lobby while there the other day,  I have more than enough thread for now and won't be needing anymore.   

 Colorway :Snow Pea Hobby Lobby

                                                           Colorway: Coin Hobby Lobby

Have a wonderful week! .  

Friday, March 12, 2021

Let's talk Tinkering!


My name is Faith and 

I am a maker, a novice crochet designer, and a hobby crocheter all in one. If you are a kindred spirit and you crochet also, the more the merrier, thank you for taking time. If you don't crochet, and you've stopped in for a visit to see what's shakin here, I thank you.   

I make many things from patterns other folks have designed, and I'm okay with that, I've made some lovely things over the years, and will continue to do so. But...I am very much interested in designing my own patterns. I've made a few small things over the years, didn't think to much about it to even write the pattern down, who knew? 

I have heard said about creating a Niche for ones self, I've struggled a bit with that. What is my Niche? Do I need one to be successful at Crochet? No, I would say that I am reasonably successful at crochet and things which I make for my personal use. In simple terms as I see it is, what floats your boat? What do  you love to do, what do you gravitate to. 

As for how I move the hook, I am not a hat or sock person, an afghan maybe or garment occasionally.

  But really what catches my fancy, is anything which looks vintage, lacy, and perhaps Victorian in nature. I am particularly fond of working with thread and a size 7 steel hook, and I do gravitate to that more often than not. It is the epitome of the Vintage, the Victorian, and is lacy and lovely.

  I cannot be bothered making things which I have no interest in just for the sake of making something, so there won't be any crochet toast, or ham n eggs, no body parts, oh yes they are out there, to each their own, you just won't see that here at my place. I don't have a hugh yarn stash from floor to ceiling. I purchase yarn as it is required and the color for the project. 

It is my hope to showcase what I make with my hook when I Tinker with yarn, and make pretty things. Perhaps have a giveaway or two, and have some patterns for sale possibly as I grow in this area. Tutorials? I don't know there are a million of them already out there, what can I add? Not my niche.  

It's al about crochet here.    

I suppose this is the part where I insert a photo of something I've made with my hook, and since this is most recently off the hook, I'll show this, and tell you where I got the pattern. This is not a thread project, but I thought the pattern was so lovely, and being a crocheter if you are, you realize the time it takes to make and design, write a pattern etc...


The beginning rounds, same yarn colorway Victorian Rose by Caron Simply Soft, and below the finished project color looks different. I'd say it's somewhere in between the two.

Annies Catalog

Do you remember when Annies used to have a free pattern posted every day? I liked that better than what they do now, it was kinder, simple time.

So, there you have it, crochet all the time everytime first posting. 

Stop by and see what's on my hook, and tell me what  is on yours. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Wrapping up the Crochet Harvest Fields Afghan

 Just a recap on this off the hook... And then...on to the next. 

I promise no more of Harvest Fields.....thanks for your patience.

The new yarn is at the post office,  it should arrive today. Looking forward to starting a new project, with a different color yarn, and different stitches...I love starting a new project.

Here she is not yet steamed, all loose ends in weaved it, I like her much better now, that I can admire her from afar. It was worth it! 

Pattern :  Harvest Fields
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Victorian Rose 4 skeins
Hook G
Time to complete about 3 weeks

The pattern called for a K hook, which is large so the finished product per the pattern should be about 53".

I used a G hook, which is 4 sizes smaller. I crochet loose and so I can afford to go down a size or two on the hook size. I tried using the K hook, and while the stitches were looser, they were to loose. My stitches were not defined and it looked rather messy. I am not a fan of a bigger hook in most cases, the G works fine for me. I tend to use the same weight yarn, and it calls for G hook.

Crochet hook G is s 4mm, K is 6.5 mm.  

There were 46 rounds to this pattern. 

I see that Kristina & Phoebe have stopped over for a visit, they were neighbors at  CBTS, and are now new neighbors here at ARosebyandby...Thank you. 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Finished with the round and round


Not the finished one, just for reference. There is one more section of the feather pattern.
Looking back at the previous posting about this, under the label Crochet Afghan, it looks like I begain this project on February 12th. Working on it every day, lots of frogging in the beginning, and then waiting a day or so for the yarn delivery. 

It's just off the hook now, so no picture.  I think I'll give it a good steam to release the fibers. Picture will be posted later.  

I'm not sorry this is off the hook at all. I learned a few things about myself while making this.

1. I don't like long projects, and while this wasn't long in duration, it could have been and maybe it would have gotten completed, maybe not. 46 rows and round and round. A very dense pattern, 95% of this was a stitch in a stitch, very little lacy business going on, however it is a beautiful pattern, I used 4/5 skeins of yarn 4 new ones and 1/2 of stash. 

2. Ordering patterns....don't usually do it, for a very good reason. That won't change. If I hadn't paid for the pattern, I may have just given up.

There are a few little life's lessons from this project. 

The point is, I perservered and got it done. It is lovely.  I didn't do the very last round, I was playing yarn chicken and knew I didn't have enough to go all the way around. I had a new skein in the ready but chose to not use it to end this project. I'll have a full skein for future use.

I have ordered some new yarn, for the project I am trying to design. It is a DK 3 lighter yarn, and hopefully won't be so bulky as the first one I fashioned up. I didn't frog it, using as the pattern. 

So that yarn should come tomorrow. It will be a kinder, gentler pattern. 

Time to get supper started. 

Talk with you again soon.