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Monday, February 8, 2021

Well, the sun is out at least & Crochet update


             Wind Rose      

I found that in making this one, I've made some errors in the first one, which is why toward the end, I was off some stitches and things didn't line up and I had to adjust. This is I think I mentioned before a Japanese pattern, translated to English and not written like an English pattern

 And I misread things.

 I'm at the end now, I have 5 rows to end of pattern, as I recall in the last one, I didn't work it all the way to the end, it would not have fit in the hoop  

oh the round afghan was torn out about 10 times, no kidding. I contacted the pattern writer as I just could not get it to look right. I was assured it was as written. I tried a smaller hook, I tend to work my crochet rather loose, that helped me some, and I realized, I had misread the pattern, which threw everything off. I've only got a wee bit of stash yarn left now, because it's been flying off the hook, I'm on round 15 now. I work on it at night the color is light and easier on the eye, and the Wind Rose I work in the daytime, it's thread and dark. The yarn should be coming soon. 

Baby it is cold outside, feels like 9 degrees....hunkering down moving the hook.

                                                        Hope you are all well, and warm.


  1. Your thread crochet project is very pretty. Love the blue color. Good luck with the afghan.

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you. It is a very pretty royal blue but oh so hard on the eyes, and with a small hook 7 steel. Only worked on in the daytime.

  2. I feel your pain about having to redo the afghan repeatedly. At least it's finally off to a good start. I can't wait to see it, as I have never seen a round afghan before. It looks so elegant. The blue Wind Rose is going to be absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I have seen round baby blankets, but not afghans. It is really pretty and lacy, hope mine turns out/ Lot of Frogging. Some of it me and my interpretation of the pattern instructions, and some of it the pattern itself could be improved upon for reading purposes, but I'll get er done.

  4. Such a pretty colour and I am glad that you have gotten the pattern right this time.

    God bless.

  5. Ambiguous patterns must make the whole project so much more difficult than it should be. Good thing you persevere. Both the round afghan and the pretty blue Wind Rose will be lovely!


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