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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tinkering with hook and yarn

 Well now how is everyone?

We are fine here, experiencing a phenom here it is gloriously sunny,the sky is blue and it is beautiful,albeit very bright as the snow cover makes it brilliantly bright. So, if you are in grayscale please feel free to take some sun with you. It's good for what ails you.

I'm having tech difficulties, so I have to hold the screen down and type with my other hand, a new laptop has been ordered and we should be right as rain.

I've had to order yarn from a BIG on line box not my 1st choice. I searched all my local craft shops and the color is not available. Victorian Rose. Doesn't the name alone conjours up  all sorts of lovely fanciful doesn't it?

I've used the colorway before when I made the Victorian shawl, which by the way is available for purchase if you are or know somebody who would be interested. I just posted a picture of this shawl on a previous post you will find    


        I made it to sell it.

So anyway this is the Victorian Rose is this

                                        different lighting, the last few are detail edgings and tri of the shawl.

My arm is falling asleep....

Remember to take a nice heartful of sun.

 I'll share more about the afghan in the next post.

here is sneak peak

 I've got one stash ball left,while I'm waiting for more.


So I have 3 crochet projects going on, 2 thread and one yarn. The Christmas bells up to 40 now, another RoseWind, and I found a pretty pattern over at Annies, which I'll share more about on another posting soon.


  1. The shawl is beautiful. It's amazing how different it looks depending on the light.

  2. That is a very pretty color. I didn't crochet for a while. I should start a small project soon. :)

  3. Oh how pretty and feminine :-) An afghan from a circle? will be curious to see what you are doing. And thank you for the sunshine~ haven't seen it hanging around here for a while.

  4. Lovely colour. You are very good at crochet.

    God bless.

  5. Your workmanship is just incredible. The shawl (and all that you create) is beautiful! I hope your yarn comes soon. With COVID, the mail and shipping is so slow! Thank you for the sunshine, both the photo and the sunshine of your post!

  6. Beautiful shawl, I was amazed at how each photo showed a different shade of the same colour. Looking forward to seeing a little sun.


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