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Monday, February 15, 2021

Being threatened with Snowmaggeden

 It's coming...they are threatening and saber rattling a "HUGE" storm, 18" of snow, etc,etc.

Sometimes "they" whoever "they" are right. It is a lovely shade of battleship grey here this morning, and we've had a dusting of snow overnight. Time will tell.

But what is that I hear? Other than the usual feathered friends chirping I hear a different chatter of birds, don't know what they are, and I can't see them. Maybe some have returned for springtime, I did see just one Robin the other day...that is always encouraging especially this time of year. 

Hortense....has caused a distraction in my crochet afghan movement. I'll get back to it soon. I started in 2019 trying to design a pattern for something I saw in an old TV show. I've picked that back up again, and spent much of the day yesterday working the pattern/design and writing it down. The yarn I had bought just for this project wasn't the right yarn, it was rather plush yarn, lovely actually and would make a lovely afghan or granny square, not so much a garment. I have ordered some cotton Sugar and Cream from Joann's, it may work out a little better we'll see.

I don't usually have more than one project going The afghan while lovely,  round and round needed a break. Variety is the spice of life "they" say.

Holly over at the Merry old Dame asked about the heart I posted yesterday, and if the fibre of the yarn is metallic. Yes it is a lovely rainbow of colors. I made this a decorative whimsical chicken potholder using that gray metalic yarn, and I also made a lovely scarf with it. Once upon a time I had an Etsy shoppe and sold nothing, it is closed now. Well hunkering down...and making Croissant Bread today, 

which reminds me to take out the 2 sticks of butter to soften. It will be a good day bake, and I made cabbage soup yesterday, dinner is half done. 



  1. Tsk tsk, Hortense is sticking her oar in again, stirring up your plans! But I have to say, I am with Hortense, I want to see this garment from an old movie, once it's begun! Your dinner is going to be good and warming. I love cabbage in any form (especially sauerkraut and stir-fried). The metallic gray yarn is just lovely. Versatile!

  2. You always seem to be busy with one project or another. Good for you.

    I hope "they" are wrong about how much snow you are going to get.

    God bless.

  3. I missed Monday's post and here it is Wednesday. Did you get that big storm?
    Stay safe and cozy.


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