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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sunshine & update on Crochet Round Afghan

 Hi Everyone!

Blue sky, blustery and temperatures in the 50's. I'll not be headed out to the garden just yet. 

Not by a long shot. Although in my little wee garden I did see some green coming up out of the soil...the Garlic planted in October...Love it!  Seedlings are doing well.

I've been busy moving my hook, and still have a few things going on an in progress. 

The afghan Harvest Fields  is coming along after a rocky start. I'm about 1/2 way through now. I don't think it will be as large as the finished pattern, because I used a smaller hook (by choice) for the yarn I have, using a very large K hook, looked sloppy and the stitches were not well defined and neat. How ever it finishes up it will be lovely on the back of the sofa. 

Here is the updated photo as of this morning....

I'm still in designing mode for the garment I am working on. I worked up an entire piece. The yarn is not correct, it was heavy and bulky, I was going for something light and airy. So I have some yarn ordered DK 3 weight, which is designed for the hook I want to use, and it "should" work out just right. 

I don't have the pattern written in it's entirety. 

That's it for now....hope you are all well, and working your creativity in your own special way...

busy hands....are happy hands.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Being threatened with Snowmaggeden

 It's coming...they are threatening and saber rattling a "HUGE" storm, 18" of snow, etc,etc.

Sometimes "they" whoever "they" are right. It is a lovely shade of battleship grey here this morning, and we've had a dusting of snow overnight. Time will tell.

But what is that I hear? Other than the usual feathered friends chirping I hear a different chatter of birds, don't know what they are, and I can't see them. Maybe some have returned for springtime, I did see just one Robin the other day...that is always encouraging especially this time of year. 

Hortense....has caused a distraction in my crochet afghan movement. I'll get back to it soon. I started in 2019 trying to design a pattern for something I saw in an old TV show. I've picked that back up again, and spent much of the day yesterday working the pattern/design and writing it down. The yarn I had bought just for this project wasn't the right yarn, it was rather plush yarn, lovely actually and would make a lovely afghan or granny square, not so much a garment. I have ordered some cotton Sugar and Cream from Joann's, it may work out a little better we'll see.

I don't usually have more than one project going The afghan while lovely,  round and round needed a break. Variety is the spice of life "they" say.

Holly over at the Merry old Dame asked about the heart I posted yesterday, and if the fibre of the yarn is metallic. Yes it is a lovely rainbow of colors. I made this a decorative whimsical chicken potholder using that gray metalic yarn, and I also made a lovely scarf with it. Once upon a time I had an Etsy shoppe and sold nothing, it is closed now. Well hunkering down...and making Croissant Bread today, 

which reminds me to take out the 2 sticks of butter to soften. It will be a good day bake, and I made cabbage soup yesterday, dinner is half done. 


Friday, February 12, 2021

Round and Round the Crochet Update


Greetings & Salutations to you all!

In other words Howdy!

Just an update on the Round afghan previous post can be found here ARosebyandby

I continue to Frog it, which is okay because I'm still waiting on the yarn. I'm hoping this week. But mistakes were found, things didn't line up. This pattern is for an Intermediate crocheter, which I am been doing this a long time, but the pattern could be written a little better, I've done like I said alot of frogging, and talking out loud, reading and reading the instructions to get some clarity. I'ts coming along fine as I work through it. If I can finish it and it looks nice it will be worth it. I like to have busy hands, I don't watch tv, and so in the evening I like to work on something, it is relaxing and calms me. It's like an old friend always near and dear.

This is it so looks like the picture and the count is right...I have some yarn left on the ball, and may be able to get another 2 or 3 rows done, and then I'll wait for the delivery.

Well, that's it for today. What are you doing while your waiting for Spring? Or some of you may be waiting for winter, what are you working on? 


Monday, February 8, 2021

Well, the sun is out at least & Crochet update


             Wind Rose      

I found that in making this one, I've made some errors in the first one, which is why toward the end, I was off some stitches and things didn't line up and I had to adjust. This is I think I mentioned before a Japanese pattern, translated to English and not written like an English pattern

 And I misread things.

 I'm at the end now, I have 5 rows to end of pattern, as I recall in the last one, I didn't work it all the way to the end, it would not have fit in the hoop  

oh the round afghan was torn out about 10 times, no kidding. I contacted the pattern writer as I just could not get it to look right. I was assured it was as written. I tried a smaller hook, I tend to work my crochet rather loose, that helped me some, and I realized, I had misread the pattern, which threw everything off. I've only got a wee bit of stash yarn left now, because it's been flying off the hook, I'm on round 15 now. I work on it at night the color is light and easier on the eye, and the Wind Rose I work in the daytime, it's thread and dark. The yarn should be coming soon. 

Baby it is cold outside, feels like 9 degrees....hunkering down moving the hook.

                                                        Hope you are all well, and warm.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tinkering with hook and yarn

 Well now how is everyone?

We are fine here, experiencing a phenom here it is gloriously sunny,the sky is blue and it is beautiful,albeit very bright as the snow cover makes it brilliantly bright. So, if you are in grayscale please feel free to take some sun with you. It's good for what ails you.

I'm having tech difficulties, so I have to hold the screen down and type with my other hand, a new laptop has been ordered and we should be right as rain.

I've had to order yarn from a BIG on line box not my 1st choice. I searched all my local craft shops and the color is not available. Victorian Rose. Doesn't the name alone conjours up  all sorts of lovely fanciful doesn't it?

I've used the colorway before when I made the Victorian shawl, which by the way is available for purchase if you are or know somebody who would be interested. I just posted a picture of this shawl on a previous post you will find    


        I made it to sell it.

So anyway this is the Victorian Rose is this

                                        different lighting, the last few are detail edgings and tri of the shawl.

My arm is falling asleep....

Remember to take a nice heartful of sun.

 I'll share more about the afghan in the next post.

here is sneak peak

 I've got one stash ball left,while I'm waiting for more.


So I have 3 crochet projects going on, 2 thread and one yarn. The Christmas bells up to 40 now, another RoseWind, and I found a pretty pattern over at Annies, which I'll share more about on another posting soon.