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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Stashbusting Crochet thread

I'm sidetracked already....oh bother. I've started taking down the Christmas decorations. By the end of the week it will all be packed away carefully for next year. 

A good tidy up is in order, a form of organized kaos is happening, and as usual I've bitten  off probably more than I can control, but I'll get her done I don't like leftovers, today's work is today's work. Another thing I'm working on ......  setting limits for myself.

I've been tinkering with yarn & hook, I am burning through stash...

used up all the green, and now, working on the white.

Cute little bowl my youngest tallest gave me for Christmas.

Well, I've got to finish up what I started, and then I can tinker some more...


Granny it is in all of it's glory, Unfinished I might add.

Not at all my cuppa. 


  1. I took a break from decluttering today and the tree will be coming down tomorrow.

    Keep working on those bells.

    God bless.

    1. Looking forward to starting my garden seeds real soon.

  2. Not my cuppa either but I can appreciate how much work went into making it. The plaid ribbon is really nice.

    1. the plaid ribbon is my favorite part. It's going to the thrift shope.


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