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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Off the hook & in the window

Hello Lovely Friends about the blogosphere!

It is THAT time of year, we are in grayscale. Sun? No! Groundhog day is just around the corner. The tomatoes seeds I planted have sprouted, and one sunflower. I'm nursing the the Hungarian Hot peppers and butternut squash, I had a problem last year with the peppers and ended up buying some plants. I really would prefer to grow from seed. I have plenty of time to replant and make another go of it.

I have finished up the Wind Rose Doily, I ordered a 18" metal craft ring from JoAnn's. They didn't have any in stock they never do of things I would like to purchase, so I had to order it and have it delivered. 

The doily measured 15" without the last 2 rounds because I played yarn chicken and I lost. It turned out ok, because it fit just right within the hoop. I attached it with a simple sc ( single crochet) and a chain 1, easy to remove if I decide to. 

I am pleased with it, and now want to make a few more of different sizes, or maybe seasonal colors when I run across a pattern I like. I am particularly fond of this type of pattern, open and lacy. There was another similar to this one I liked and tried to make for years called Snowflake. It's not that I cannot crochet it, but it is a diagram kind of pattern which uses symbols rather than a written pattern. I just can't seem to get together with that. 

                                 It gets a bit washed out in the window, so I laid it on the carpet. 

Thank you as always for stopping over!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Thread Crochet a lovely doily

in progress....


Hortense  was not involved in this project. Remember she always involves herself when it is something outside of my wheelhouse and totally not my cuppa. This is definately my cuppa.

I found the pattern with tutorial on You Tube.I'll add the link at the end of my posting. I realize that Ihave some followers who are not crocheters, I have a lovely cross section of folks here who do all kind of creative lovely things, which would be considered "Hortense" Crafts for me. 

But if you are  a crocheter, especially with thread this is a real pretty doily. It is a Japanese design, and so the pattern translated needs a wee bit of patience.I love the name of the doily

The Wind Rose isn't that pretty.?

 I am crocheting this with a size 7 hook (steel) and size 10 Crochet cotton thread in the color Antique by Hobby Lobby. I am on row 10 and have 14 more rounds to do. 

You can find the written pattern and the visual  tutorial


Since I wrote this I've made progress, here and there. It was an inside weekend, cold and snowy perfect for snuggling up with a hook and yarn.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Stashbusting Crochet thread

I'm sidetracked already....oh bother. I've started taking down the Christmas decorations. By the end of the week it will all be packed away carefully for next year. 

A good tidy up is in order, a form of organized kaos is happening, and as usual I've bitten  off probably more than I can control, but I'll get her done I don't like leftovers, today's work is today's work. Another thing I'm working on ......  setting limits for myself.

I've been tinkering with yarn & hook, I am burning through stash...

used up all the green, and now, working on the white.

Cute little bowl my youngest tallest gave me for Christmas.

Well, I've got to finish up what I started, and then I can tinker some more...


Granny it is in all of it's glory, Unfinished I might add.

Not at all my cuppa. 

Friday, January 1, 2021

Catching up with myself

 I've no particular pattern in the old hopper, and since I fancied making the bells, I've decided to work some up over the new year. One of the things I love about Crochet is it's portable I can take my hook and thread anywhere.

Thread Crochet Bells

I like to have busy hands when I have some relax time, being productive and making lovely crafty things are so rewarding.

I don't carry over alot of yarn or thread. Everything is in this lovely Amish made basket, it's full right up to the top. 

 Isn't it lovely? The Amish do beautiful work. The bells are quick to work up 5 rows, and can be fashioned up with relative ease. I thought I might make one per day and end of the year I'd have 365. But I cannot, like the potatoe chip make just one and stop. Some days I may make none, and other days I'll make a more then a few. 

See ya!