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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Angel Shawl Update



Would you believe? I still have not made a thing with that unforgettable yarn? Not that I didn't make any attempts. While so pretty, I find it rather difficult to work with, mostly because it has different strand sizes, which results in an uneven stitch pattern. I hope I find some use for it, it is so pretty. 

I started the angel shawl with it, and didn't like it. I found 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in the colorway Victorian Rose in my stash bucket  and went with that.  I am now on the 2nd side of the shawl, working the decrease to the end. It should be finished up today. 

No more work done on the Snow Queen thread pattern. I'll finish up the shawl. I'm a one trick pony.

                      Finding the right hook for me this time was much like the 3 bears story.

    I found that the G hook US Size 4.50mm, size 7 in UK  is my hook of preference made tight stitches, I crochet loose and it was still a bit tight for my liking, I moved up to an H which is a 5.0 mm, UK 8. The pattern called for a J, which was way to loose and looked very sloppy. 


Have a beauty wherever you are.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A project coming together


The hook is moving with thread and a pattern which I shared in a previous posting.  

While I'm entirely thrilled yet with the color, it isn't finished yet and so before I go off and try to find the color of thread I'll work with what I have. 

This is what I've done so far, this is not pressed out, stiffened or cleaned up with loose ends.

I have the snow pea green which is difficult to see, it is on the inner ring, and outer edge. It will match with what the main of the design. I've picked up some yarn from the stash and am going to I hope make an angel shawl for myself with the Unforgettable yarn I purchased a few weeks ago.

Here is the link about that. I've made one or two of these and at the time I was in the Prayer Shawl group at the church, don't have one for myself. 

Angel Wing Shawl 

The pumpkins I crocheted, finished off the stash skein and donated all but 5 to the nursing home. Here is the original posting about that if you are interested. 

Crochet pumpkins 

The activities directed made a garland with some of them and hung them up. One less skein in the tinker basket, I had fun making them, and they will have fun looking at them. 


Tinker on!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Crochet Pumpkins

Amazing! Last week I couldn't even make a chain foundation right, and this week the hook is moving and grooving.... hope I am not speaking too soon....

So when I was in my crochet make it last week, which resulted in "0" production of any kind, I did pick up some Orange 4 weight yarn at JoAnn. I've always had an interest in crocheting a pumpkin in some fashion, and eventually settled in on a garland type of pumpkin. Nothing came of it, but today I decided that I wanted to try again.


Caron Simply Soft Colorway Pumpkin

My oldest son works at a nursing home, I thought I might work up some little pumpkins and he can take them in and see what they may be able to come up for the residents. So then, I was motivated to make some pumpkins. I don't know how many I'll get out of the skein, or how many I will donate, They are coming out very nice, and I think I could make something with them I've been thinking about. 

The yarn will not be wasted, and it will bring joy to the giver and receiver.

  This is what I'll be working on tonight. They measure about 3.5"-4.0". I am using 4 weight yarn, and a G hook 4.5 mm. You can learn how to make these in a you tube tutorial. They don't take long at all.

Pumpkin Garland

I've made good progress on the thread project no picture yet, but the background is done. Working on the snowflakes now. I'm going to report back on the thread I'm using for those, I think on the next blogpost.

The joy is in the making!

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Moving the hook and thread

Oh Dear! I dare say that I am moving the hook, and actually producing something lovely..

Size 7 steel hook.

The thread is from Hobby Lobby, I really like their crochet thread selection. And they have if you are a name person like I am, some very cool names.  I think choosing the names for yarns would be one of the neatest jobs. 

Normally I save the sleeves and put them in my little notebook, with the information about the item made with it, and a sample. Not the case yet with this project. So I'm going to say the Colorway is Coin. 

Hobby Lobby Artiste thread 

 this link should bring you to the page with all the thread colors, if you are interested in reviewing them. I am actually on round/row 3 of the background, moving along very nice.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Yabba Dabba Do!

That's GerRDone in Yogi Bear terms.
I've been round and round the hook moving block, as you may or may not have noticed. Mojo had taken a hike it would seem. Fluttering around from project to project back and forth from yarn to thread, finishing absolutely nothing...Oh Bother!
Pumpkin, heart garland....drawstring bag, snowflakes, the snood....I've been all over the board, and have nothing not one thing to show for it. Do you ever get like this too?
Yesterday I was looking at more patterns and for something to inspire me, while all the other wanna be's will be placed on hold once again. I did find something, of course I did to add to the ever growing list of things I want to make "sometime". And so, it begins again. But I actually was able to get past the first 2 rows without frustration. This is a pattern I've adored from a far off. And fits in line with the other pattern I made from this designer. I find that I rather like crocheting applique pieces and assembling them in to a lovely picture of sorts. 

The first one I made for myself, the second one was made to donate to the Ladies Guild at church, for their raffle. 
And I'm on to this one now...same designer. 
Here is her blog..
There are free patterns available here also. And you can find her shoppe on Etsy.
 BellaCrochet: The Snow Queen Doily Pattern is Now Available
 I am using different colors of thread that what is shown here. I am using a gray for the background. I have selected Rosebud, and either a sage green/or antique for the dress.
So...Yabba Dabba Do!


Monday, September 27, 2021

back and forth and in between

Well Hello!

I did manage to finish up the thread century snowflake. I pressed it today, and sprayed it with a little starch, waiting for it to dry. It came out much larger than the first one I did, which was done in white, and a different thread, maybe that is the difference. But It's done, and one day I may take a fancy to make another in the white crochet thread I have and see if that in fact was the difference. But I am much tired of looking at that pattern for now. 


I've moved on to two different things, will see which holds my fancy long enough to get it done. One of them is a crochet drawstring bag. While the pattern calls for cotton yarn, that beautiful Unforgettable yarn is just sitting and not on a hook. So I decided I would give it a whirl on the hook, wonky strands and all. I never followed up with the company because I didn't have the receipt, but may contact them again and at least send the pictures. 

   I cannot myself even see where that really frayed piece is...I really like the colors of the yarn. It is called Pearly. They are softly muted, and they have a slight sheen.

So, the pattern for the drawstring bag can be found
here at Ophelia Talks
It is a you tube video tutorial, and you can crochet along. 

Well it's getting to be suppertime. Time for me to put down my toys and fashion up something for supper.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The yarn update

I did receive a reply from the yarn company, they stated that the various sizes of the skein are by design, and are used for "texture". They suggested that I send pictures, along with the receipt, which I think I tossed out. It would go to their review division, and I assume a replacement would be made. 

It is such a pretty yarn. Maybe I'll happen upon the receipt, but I doubt it. I have the skein wrapper, and took pictures, but no proof of purchase. 

So, I've been tinkering around with some thread, I'm still searching for Mojo, and until I find it, I'll crochet little bits and bobs of things. I like snowflakes, and if you do....then I suggest you visit


Deborah is over at Snowcatcher, she is multi talented and quilts, and does beautiful photograpy and she loves to make crochet snowflakes. 

I'm working on this one now, I had made one previously and gifted it,

 Credit Snowcatcher

I'm not doing it in white, but a colorway called antique, from Hobby Lobby. I don't know how many snowflakes she has made, but there are alot, and if you are into these, and you crochet with thread.....this is a very good place to find some lovelies. 

I should have mine done this weekend. I've had to frog a bit, many times because my count was off by one heart and threw everything off. 

Enjoy your weekend....

Sunday, September 19, 2021

About that yarn..

While it is lovely, I did have a few "issues" with it. I have contacted Red heart, and suppose that I will get an answer some time this week.  There were places on the skein where the yarn was very thick, and places where it was very thin, and some places where it is very fuzzy and un defined. It may be a bad skein, I don't know. Hard to be consistant with your tension and stitches when the yarn is this way.

I've never worked with a  yarn which had variations in the yarn itself as to size, so I'm thinking this is just a rogue skein. The color is lovely, it is very soft. the snood on hold for now. I don't have a specific pattern, and was trying to make one...we'll see. 

So, for now I'm in search of ......


Tink is the guardian of the yarn.....


Friday, September 17, 2021

Where is Mojo? As we transition to Fall

 I think of a few of the commenters hit on something...

Garden and summertime are coming to end, and as we shift our attention from outside to inside....
who knows we may find Mojo.
I really have been trying to configure up some sort of yarn producing thought, and I am bouncing around between seasons. ( mentioned also in the comments). I have for the most part wrapped it up outside, and am tidying up. 

I once again wanted to make a Snood. I mentioned it a while back. and I did fashion one up out of Crochet Cotton #10 thread, the elastic has to be put in. Now I want to try one in yarn, and make a pattern...
so I am close to finding mojo.Whilst I did not need any yarn to be sure. I couldn't help equate yarn with comfort food like mac n cheese, or mashed potatoes, or potatoe just calms the soul and provides joy and a sense of wellness.  So, I looked around on JoAnn at yarn, they were having a 50% sale...I was originally looking at a totally different yarn, which of course was not in stock, and could not be delivered. Instant gratification not being fufilled in anyway with that one..but I did stumble upon a lovely yarn I have perused a few times but did not purchase. 

I suppose well gee, could I be a yarn snob? I like what I like and stick with it. It's either
Simply Soft by Caron, or Soft Secret by Hobby Lobby. 

This one is Red Heart...Unforgettable. 
In the colorway Pearly
Soft muted tones...would make a lovely Snood. 

$3.49 and curbside pickup.....
Tonight...I'll feed my creative soul with a lovely new yarn loaded with possibilities....and maybe I can persuade Mojo to stick around.

Mac n  cheese anyone?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Anybody seen mojo?

I can't seem to get the hook moving or settle in on a pattern.

I seem to be in a fuddle.

I cannot seem to settle in on a project. Back and forth I go from yarn to thread. 

Oh Bother!

I think...probably what I need to do is STOP looking for ideas, I see one thing than another.I'm

caught betwixt and between. 

Yesterday it was pumpkins, today I feel snowflakes. The day or two before hat it was the spinner, which I did manage to fashion up, and I made a small one out of thread.. 

What are you working on?




Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A delightful crochet idea

My hook has been silent :(. I've just not had the mojo, I'm working on getting it back. So today I was looking for a pattern of sorts, and of course I stumbled upon something quite delightful.

So I'll share it with you.  I have not started the project yet, I'll be looking over some yarn from the stash this evening, and see what I come up with. It's getting dark earlier now, and time for projects which bring joy, but also ones which do not take forever to complete. 

Ophelia TalksEasy And Quick Crochet Wind Spinner- Crochet Projects With Scrap Yarn

This is a Crochet You Tube. A simple lovely pattern for a wind spinner....isn't this cute? 

I think I will make a few....I have some stash....

Well, stop over and see how it's done, she is delightful and the pattern seems easy enough even for a beginner. And who knows. this may get you out of your MOJO slump.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

A little thread time

Havn't yet, but this weekend I'm going to do it. 

Greetings to you all!

I'm feeling the fall, even though the temperature outside says otherwise. It's rather tropical and not typical heat for our area, not every day anyway. Great for the garden. 

I've added a new listing in the Etsy shoppe
The handmade crochet pieces parts will be available for purchase in kit form.The hoop and fabric are not included in the purchase. The finished product is up to the buyer how they want to display or arrange. It is a custom order currently as I don't have all of these pieces stored anywhere, it will be made from scratch as requested. 
Have a beautiful weekend full of simple joys.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Off the hook


                                           My intention was and still is to make pillow cushions. I had made one pillow cushion already, if you missed the post you can find it here    With this one, I wanted one side in this color, which is Bone, and the other was Taupe (stash busting), I came up a wee bit short on the Taupe. The local craft has 50% coupon sale, but no Taupe. But I could order it, free shipping. Which works also for me. So it's on the way. 
I've still not picked up the thread and the small hook. I've got an idea, yep only one....they just don't come easy for me.  I finished up a batch of Goats milk pour and melt soap, so nice. I added some dried herbs from the garden. Note to self next time, mix the herbs in don't sprinkle, and maybe a little Lavender Essential oil. I've got another pound of it waiting in the wings because I've ordered a cute little soap mold, which I think I will make some cute little soaps, and pop them into the Etsy shoppe.  
Have a beautiful weekend 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Making time for some hook moving

With summertime happening outside the window, everything which had become high maintainance is on it's own, it's either growing, flourishing or it isn't at this point. I've done all I can, and mother nature can take the point. I've not done much crocheting and so I've set about working on another pillow cushion cover, like the previous one in pattern, but different color. This one will be done in Taupe, and I think the flip side will be bone. 

I feel a wee bit grouchy today, and so some nice hook time will slow my roll a bit, and settle me down hopefully. Trying to do to much isn't good, and not doing enough isn't either, today I am having a difficult time finding I will crochet. It is my gentle friend and will keep me company for a few hours. 

 I've got a few things left in the dehydrator which I've pulled for drying, and adding to the soap base when it arrives. It's cloudy and cooler today, more to my liking. 

Enjoy your day....

Friday, July 16, 2021

New project(s)

I've finished up the granny ripple, and have yet begun with the thread, but rather picked up the yarn and am making another round pillow cover. Eventually I will work up the square and rectangle one also. Throwing in some thread in the middle somewhere...

I ordered some beeswax locally, it arrived yesterday and next week I'll make up some candles. I've got a few non yarn things going on.....what? Oh yes I do play with other things once in a while, the candles are one, I'm toying around with making soap.. the melt and pour goats milk. Not going to mess with the lye, it is already worked out in the melt and pour. I've ordered a wine making kit, and that should just about do it, for now...plenty to keep me busy. . 

The Chocolate Cherry Sunflower head, ready for harvest. Letting this dry out for seeds. 


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Finishing up and pondering next crochet adventure. The granny ripple for my son is done as far as the length. I've got some ends to shore up where the yarns were joined. Once that is done, I'll pop an edging on there and call it an off the hook. Next is going to be thread, Something in thread it has been a long time it seems since I have worked with the thread and the tiny hook. It will be a nice break, 3 afghans later. I'm ready for something small, I go back and forth. 

This is a doily I designed, it's called Wildwood Rose....

Pattern is for sale. 

Friday, July 2, 2021

A lesson in patience

If you work with yarn, then you know of what I speak.(

The dreaded tangle. 

I won this one! Four days. I almost gave up several times, but as long I can  make progress, I keep going. It helps strengthen my patience, and while I don't want to do this all the time, it does relax me and I find it very calming, and mindless busy work.

 Anything worth doing is worth doing right,  


I've only had one time where I had to throw the yarn away. I contacted the company, and they sent me what was lost plus some extra with apologies. It happens. 

These two look a little rough, not today because I'm tired of looking at it. But tomorrow I will shape up the balls. That is why I never pull from a skein and begin a project. Always round them up first. 

So now I can can work the granny ripple. Just not today :)

Plugging along

I've put off posting, for not two much progress has been made on the granny ripple, it's a slow go. I've run into a yarn snag from the skein, while trying to roll it into a ball, and it's a frightful mess. I have 2 ball winding and a gaggle in the middle of tangled lovely. It will I hope finish up today, this is day 3 with it. 

I picked up some more yarn that I needed to finish it up. And it has been dreadfully hot/humid, and now witthe the weight of the fabric, and the warmth it provides, I work on sparingly. I've come up with an idea or two I want to begin, with thread, using the irish crochet roses I made. 

This one is in a mandala I made, I like the varigated petals, and may have to fashion up a few of these by themselves.
It's the one here in this picture I have in my tinker box...sitting there looking all lonely, they need to be out and displayed in some magical lovely form. I have an idea floating around. I've been sidetracked this week other things which are far less fun and relaxing. I'm going to make time. 

So....have a lovely 4th of July if you celebrate it where you live. It is the birthday of my country, and I share my birthday with her.



Sunday, June 20, 2021

Crochet a lifelong friend

I was moving the hook early in the day today, and moving about smartly in between.  Crochet is thinking time for me. Especially when it is a repetative pattern which  I've got down pat. I just move the hook and my mind wanders about as it pleases. Sometimes I think things which I need to do, othertimes, it's off wondering in the past, recalling sometimes  things which I havn't thought about in years and years. Making restitutions for wrongs, and giving thanks for good which has come to me. 

It is very cathartic.

 It is my friend. It's been with me for years. Thick and thin. I don't do tv, havn't in years, and the radio isn't on much anymore either...I shut out and off the unecessary clap trap and noise. I just don't care. 

I focus on my creativity, and the peace which producing with my hands allows me. Crochet is very forgiving, and easy to pick up and start again. It travels easy and is light.Requires only a hook, and yarn. 

It is amazing how different you feel when your mind is free and clear. I hope you have a creative friend which you feel helps you to slow down, and enjoy the simple joys.   

Something once again in thread is coming soon. I have a snood to finish up. I am sending this to a friend I've never met, who brings me joy on her You Tube channel. It's been in my pretties box, and has been waiting for just the right home. I love making these little cottage potholders. 

Peace & Blessings.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

It's crochet o'clock somewhere isn't it?

I've just sat down after getting somethings done around the house today, and feel confident that I've made a dent in my to do list. So's hook time. 

I'm still working on the afghan for my son, I've a ways to go, and am in no particular hurry. I just couldn't get the pattern or colors right, I've started it several times and just settled on this 2 row repeat of colors, with 1 row of varigated which carries all the colors throughout.

It's a flaw I have, one of many, but if I am working on something not with my color wheelhouse, I have a very difficult time. I like this ok enough, and perhaps it will look better when it is longer. But, more to the point, and what is most important, is that my son likes it, he gave me a compliment on it today, which was a relief, because I wasn't so sure. 

So, I am off for several moments of crochet bliss before whatever takes me away from it next. 

Enjoy your day.....

Sunday, June 13, 2021

You go where the yarn takes you

Sometimes, you just go with the flow. Sometimes I just don't know what I want to be working on, and othertimes I know exactly what I want to do. I had wanted to do another pillow for the couch, I have a square form, and even purchased some Caron Simply Soft Taupe yarn, which I cannot find in my local JoAnn fabrics, anywhay...I am making another granny ripple afghan. Our oldest son wants to set out on his own and we are accumulating and  getting that sorted out. He wanted me to make him an afghan.

Why of course I will, any opportunity to have something on the hook, and a project to work on does my heart good. I love my crochet.

I've not been inspired as of late to work with the thread as I anticipated. This will be my 3rd afghan this year, one other granny, and then the round Harvest Field one. I'm surprised myself that I'm taking this on now, but you go where the yarn takes you. 

The first granny ripple, just off the hook about 2 weeks now. 

No picture yet of the 2nd one, I just started it.

Here is the link for the Harvest Fields Afghan posting.

Harvest Fields 

                                                     Enjoy your week  make something pretty...

Monday, June 7, 2021



 Things ( yarn) have gotten out of hand. So some tidying up is in order. I have no room/place/cubby for a craft anything here. So I have to be very careful about what I accumulate. I keep my yarn in the Amish Tinker box, and when it get's to full out it goes. Some of the yarn I've a while, there are various sizes of balls, not enough to full projects, they have been bagged up and will be going to the Charity shoppe. A few full skeins also, things I bought "intending" to make something, didn't like the yarn or the colorway for the imagined project. I have 2 full bags of stash. 

I feel better about it, as I get older I don't like to have alot of things lying around taking up space which I is prime space. I have a few skeins in their to make my son a blanket/afghan. When that is all done, there will be much less yarn. Thread another matter. It takes a while to use up all that thread, and I'm in yarn mode currently. Eventually that tide will shift. 

 I did have to order some yarn, nothing local here, so  I ordered it from Annies, and it should arrive today, just 4 skeins. For a pillow cover, and I may use the other two for my son's granny ripple afghan, which is underway. It will get used either way, and won't become a stash problem.

Have a good week!

Monday, May 31, 2021

Pretties Box

What's in the pretty box? Isn't this a lovely box?  It's my pretties box. This is where I keep the items which I crochet that I want to keep nice and tidy, to offer for purchase.   Love those polka dots on the inside. So, what do we have? 



There are 12 of these 10 x 10  squares.These are the colors I have. I would prefer to sell the whole lot at once, I don't know what you would do with one square.

Details - look at the tab available for purchase at the of the blog.





Friday, May 28, 2021

It's off my hook!


I've been moving my hook, and have completed the round petal pillow. I believe I will make one more. But first I have a square and rectangle one to finish. All in good time. 

The pattern was easy enough, with a repeat so it works up very quickly, and I like the finished product very much with the texture and shell pattern ( which is my favorite) . I found a round pillow form at JoAnn's and picked it up avoiding unnecessary browsing and buying. I do purchase patterns on occasion, I don't do it very often, and if I can find the pattern for free, and sometimes you can. 

I didn't have enough yarn to do the entire pillow in the same color, but it works out fine, I think all the colors will work, and I can flip the pillow. I took almost a whole ball of Caron Simply Soft, half of it is Heatherwood Green, which I really like, and the other gray. So I used up some stash too!  

This is the Heatherwood Green side

                                                                         Flip Side.....

                                       This is the med gray color, trimmed with the Heatherwood Gray

This was a nice easy pattern, and it really makes a nice pillow cover.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Stitches, on/off the hook, show and tell, and for sale


The ripple afghan is completed. Off my hook! :)  

I'm still working on pillow cushions, I made one up with log cabin variation, but it just didn't work for me in the colors, put it off to the side for now. 


I did see a lovely and very simple pillow cover for a round pillow. 



A few things to note about patterns. Sometimes when you download patterns, you will never really know what you're going to get as far as the pattern goes. I spent $2.99 for the pattern and worked up 12 round of it last night, it works up fast.A typo which I was able to work through, if you are new to the crochet world this may have tripped you up, I am well seasoned, no big deal. Another thing, patterns not designed in USA, for example UK, have different hook sizes then ours and "usually" the pattern will refer to US vs UK size hooks. And terminology two different animals between US & UK.  For example in US DC double crochet, in the UK it is refered to TC treble crochet. 

Most patterns will have these differences indicated with the pattern instructions. This one also had a stitch I had not ever heard of. But of course I had, for in the US it is a different name.  A stitch which at first I did not like, until I got the hang of it. There is a front version and a back version of the stitch, and what it is designed to do is create a recess or depth, add dimension and definition to the stitches which surround

Lots of FPDC & BPDC, I got very good at it, and overcame my fear.

In the pattern it is referred to as RTRF relief treble front, here is the USA, it is known  FPDC. There are many tutorials for this stitch onlin. You are working around the post of previous rows dc, it's how you insert the hook which gives it the textured look. I didn't used to like this stitch, but when I made that feather afghan (above) I got pretty good at it, and can  see how the application works and gives texture.

You can see here on my work, how the stitch gives depth and texture. This is Caron Simply Soft colorway Heatherwood. Using a size  G .


I just ordered this bag from
Isn't it the truth?  
And if you are interested in purchasing ,I have quite a few Victorian Lattice Squares already completed, I don't have a shop anymore at Etsy, But if you are interested, and would like to purchase some or all let me know, email me so we can chat about what colors I have and prices. I don't recall what I had them priced for there, They will be less here as I don't have to pay Etsy for the sale. I would have to check I think I have maybe 12 of them in various colors.   They measure 10x10 and here are a sampling of colors. 

 close up of the square, the roses are for sale also. 

Have a great week.


Monday, May 17, 2021

A Craft store run

 I had no off white to finish up the ripple afghan, in the stash. I just needed a very small amount, guess I just lost at that game of chicken. It happens. SO, while I was there I picked up an eggshell color both Red Heart. I am a Caron Simply Soft lover, and yes I did pick up on skein in Robin Egg's blue for the pillows, by Caron SImply Soft. As I said I don't hoard yarn, if I buy it, it's because I need to use it in something I'm working on currently. 

I have about 4 rows left on the ripple, then I'll tidy up the loose ends, and call it a day. 

I'm working on the pillow cover, and I have the snood to finish.  Then, I'll be out of WIP's. 
I want to finish up the afghan, it's nice to work on it when it is cold or damp, and it's been both so it keeps me warm while I'm working on it. We are halfway through May, and it's borrowed time for the weather, so I'm pressing on to finish it up. 

 So, I have some of these squares I made up. I think about 10 or so. I had them up for sale in my former Etsy shoppe, didn't sell. So I must make something out of them don't I? Not another afghan, no uh uh!
Two a year are enough. 

I did see a interesting tote bag, you use a canvas tote and sew the patches to the tote to give it structure, very interesting. I would have to re measure these, if I'm not mistaken they are a good size. The pattern for these squares is called Victorian Lattice Squares. The pattern is available at Ravelry, the pattern is by Destany Wymore, it is a FREE Pattern and you can find it Here 
It is a very pretty pattern, and it is easy to fashion them up quickly, and use up stash, which is what I did with mine. Maybe my next project.  

Have a great crafting week !

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I've got 3 things going

on the old hook. Unusual for me, as I am a one trick pony usually. The afgan I'm working on is almost completed, maybe another 10 rows. I think I am out of the cream color. I have the hair snood to complete, it is done crochet wise, but the elastic part is tripping me up.. I am using elastic thread and see how that goes. I have some elastic head bands, they seem a little tight, it's like the 3 bears trying to find the right chair. And I started a new yarn project for some couch pillows. 

I'm not in the designing mode at the moment, usually some things will pop in when I am working on something else. But I need to finish up at least one of the projects.

While I like the colorways used in the above links, I'm using what I have. I'm trying to incorporate some colors I have ( which don't) match, to bring things together. We'll see. 😏 I had bought some yarn for a pillow cover, I was going to make a tapestry gingham pillow cover, and so I bought 3 different yarns in the gray color way, one dark, one medium, and one light. It just didn't seem to work for me, and then I saw this pattern. 


Log Cabin Variation Pillow  

You can find the free pattern for them Here and here

Pretty isn't it? I like the cream/ivory colors. Not what I had on hand. And I don't buy yarn to just have it, I must be making something with it. I was committed with the grays and I'll use what I have. 

What are you working on? 

Have a beautiful week.   


Monday, May 3, 2021

A new project on the hook

Thread this time. I'm taking a rest from the ripple, it's almost done for the most part.

This is what I've begun last night, it is going very quickly. I want to design my own, and wanted to see how a completed one should look. 


 Internet Photo Credit 

the pattern can be found 



 I really like the look of the snoods. They have a long history. It is a flattering and lovely way to keep hair tidy and out of the way. I have fairly long hair now, and it is usually in braids or I have it up in some way. I don't like hair hanging about loosely. Maybe it will catch on again. I've not ever seen anybody around where I live with one...I suppose there are places like Amish for example, they where their hair up and have a covering, not as extreme as this.Usually a cloth. 

I'm from a time zone where as young girls we took care of our hair, it was brushed, and pampered, we put it up, or wore it down with some type of a style to it. Long time ago now. So this is right up my alley, it may not be for everybody. They wear these at historical fairs where they re create in period costumes, something which I would have loved to do had I known. 

Well, anyway....have a great week!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Granny Ripple

I've been working a little every day on the granny ripple afghan, it's almost done. I think I am up to at least 4 skeins of yarn now, I have to check my Amish Tinker box to see if I have one more skein in there. I have a fairly good size ball going it's close to being completed.

It's a nice pattern, once you get past the first 2 rows, is where you have to pay attention to set the pattern, once you've got that it runs along nicely and there isn't much to keep track of. Sometimes, you just need a pattern like that.  It's what I call comfy crochet, you just move the hook, no pattern reading, or counting.
What will be next?    Patterns/ designs don't come easy to me, I don't know if I over think things, or what. I always wonder how people come us with so many ideas at the same time, they are brimming with ideas. That's not me unfortunately. I'm moving forward one step at a time. 
I just recently learned of Tapestry crochet, and this interests me some, along with Filet Crochet. 
Do you do either of these?

The colorway for this is Plums by Hobby lobby. It's really pretty yarn. The off white/cream is added in between the rows of  Plum.

Have a beauty!
 I'm always tinkering around with hook and yarn...stop again if you like, I like to have visitors.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Doing a little tinkering with some stash yarn


 Taking a break from the afghan granny ripple, it's coming along. I decided to challenge myself and come up with a pattern. Using some stash yarn I fashioned up a table runner. This is a totally customizable pattern, you make it to fit what you need. It all starts at the different foundation chain, which is a nice little feature which provides a lovely little scallopy edging. 

I'm rolling this one out this week on Ravelry & Etsy, getting the pattern written and taking a few pictures are yet to be done. 

The Garden Trellis Tabletop Runner ( PDF)




Ravelry Tinkering with yarn 

Etsy Tinkeringwithyarn 

On the magazine front, I did submit a design and havn't heard a word which is not unusual. But I think by now I would have if they were interested. I'll try again sometime. In the meantime, I'll make up some things and post  them on Ravelry and Etsy. 


Have a fabulous week!