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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Something outside of the Crochet realm

 Oh that Hortense  aka known as a "Hortense Moment". She takes me out of my cozy and throws me head first into something I know absolutely nothing about but I think I can do.

She has "persuaded"me to try my hand at the deco mesh wreath  craze. Albeit, I think I am on the end of the fad, as usual I stand back and watch and then...maybe give it a try. So I had gotten the mesh on sale at the big box craft store on sale. I'll admit it, I got enamoured of the beautiful wreaths which are all over the you tube, amazing. Forgetting that I am me for a brief moment, I got sucked into the delusion, that I could make one, it looked easy sort of. Well then the wreath frames were all gone from the Dollar Tree, by that time 1week before Christmas. forward I did find the wreath yesterday, and purchased a couple of them 2 round and 2 heart ones.

Two things occured to me. 

1. I got dazzled by the beautiful wreaths, even though I probably would have preferred a more natural looking wreath of say greens, burlap and plaid/check simple ribbon.

2. I am well passed old enough, not old, not ancient, but rather gracefully vintage to know that this was one of those knee jerk gotcha projects, so totally not in my wheelhouse or in my desired "motif" at this age.  I really need to holster things a bit, and yet on the other hand what IF I really liked making them, and missed out on doing so? Is this one of those if a tree falls in the forest thoughts? 

Things for me to ponder upon. I'm not unhappy with the wreath which is still not done as of today. The mesh is on, and shimmers in the light of the Christmas Tree, so not a total loss. Will I make another one with the mesh?  Not so likely.

There is something to be said of staying in my comfort zone.... it's like comfort food....always good anytime why change it up? Don't fix it it's not broken, and any many more of the good old day sayings,

I'm playing around with blogger and themes, seems like the more they made "better", the more I like it the old way...again comfort. Have you ever had someone follow you and you wanted to visit their blog,so you click on their icon and it brings up a list of the blogs they follow, but you can't find out anything about the person you clicked on? 

Well, enough of playtime....back to the real world, laundry, and shopping. The weather is blustery today about 40 degrees, something is blowing in, I'm burning daylight.

Until next time!


  1. I, too, watched the Deco Mesh fad over the past years, and I wanted to join in, but I just felt it was beyond me. I do love them when I see them, but it's so much bolder and bigger than what I'm used to! But I find myself driving by houses that have the deco mesh up...especially at Valentine's and Easter. One thing I do when I want to try a "new" (to me") craft that isn't my style is I donate the finished item to a thrift store! That way I get to make it and someone gets to enjoy it! Love the look of this new blog, btw.

    1. I know the houses you speak of, that is why I probably didn't make one to start with. The people who shop thrift, and I am one at times love people like us who make things and donate. LOL

  2. Your new space is beautiful! Anxious to see the wreaths... May the coming year be better than 2020!

    1. Thank you, some of it the same, just a new "concept". I was boring myself.

  3. Looking forward to the new year, letting you know I was able to follow etc.

  4. so glad you've stopped, and connected again.Happy NewYear

  5. I don't know how I got to the comments section, but glad I finally did.

    God bless.

  6. Thanks, Jackie. Happy New Year.

  7. What was the term you used? Something like Delightfully Vintage? I really like that.

    I must admit I have never heard of nor seen one of those wreaths. Maybe they haven't come to Canada yet. Will we get to see your wreath when it's done?

    BTW am I the only one who has trouble reading your replies when they're on white background?

  8. Better? The new blogger is taking time to get used to, I figured out how to change the text and colors. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have the mesh on the wreath but no ribbons or bows. Oh bother. These have been around the States for many years I am slow to the party. It is a fad. And like all of them, they fly over and are gone, you'll be finding them in the thrift shops.


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