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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Countdown to Christmas



 Hello Friends, are you all busy in your hearth, baking wonderful goodies and decorating.?

I thought it would be fun to post during these last few days of Christmas Items I have made over the years. Some years they are out and sometimes not...kept it light this year. 

Considering making Angel Wings, it's snowy today, looks rather like a good day to bustle about and do inside things. So I cleaned my cupboards out and  re arranged things for easy access. Assessed what I no long use some for Goodwill, and some for my son when he finds a place for himself. The rest is easy access, no more sitting on the floor looking for things. 

 Made this for a blogging friend a few years bag, I always intended to make one for my self.



  1. Cleaning out cupboards and rearranging things is something I love to do. Not that I don't get frustrated at times, not knowing just how to make order out of chaos, but in the end I'm so glad I accomplished what I set out to do. But...I'm not going to start until after the new year.

  2. That is sweet Faith. I've not baked a thing. Maybe this weekend~ We do finally have a tree though:-)
    Merry Christmas

  3. All your crochet work is nice. A very special present this Angel was for your friend. We all need moments to sit and enjoy a moment of something we enjoy doing. Busy times; but happy times too.

  4. What a pretty dolly in her festive Christmas colors dress! Crocheted beautifully! Yes, make one for yourself! You will always smile when you see it!


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