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Friday, July 10, 2020

Sunflowers & Pumpkins Thread Crochet

Greetings & Welcome on in to my little place!

Well how are all of you?

Breaking it up a bit, I have been working on another crochet cottage for my ETSY shoppe, changing it up a bit, this time with a Fall theme.

Here is a sneak peak, in it's non assembled form. I may tweak it a bit yet, we'll see how it falls into place and what else I'll need to do.

Once assembled  and will be added to in my ETSY shoppe soon.
. Of course by then it will be assembled and ready for shipment to US destinations only at this time.

I received my candles from Kate over at the Last  Homely House yesterday, it took 18 days using
Royal Mail from the UK. Worth the wait, I'll be posting about them soon.


  1. I remember Kate saying in one of her videos that things mailed to the US were taking a long time to arrive ( and I imagine Canada would be the same).
    I'm looking forward to seeing those candles.

    1. yes she did, I remember that too. It's wort the wait. Just love that Kate.

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  3. How sweet your crochet cottage looks to be! Love the colors you are using!


It has been a sincere joy to have you visit.