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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Project in the old hopper

Well Hello & howdy do to all of you.

Oh dear I must admit that I've got more than 1 project in the old hopper. I am 99% with the linen embroidery, I've got the spotty hen started, & my beloved crochet a thread cottage all going on at one time. Not usual for me. I need to push on and finish up the linen embroidery. It is not my usual behavior to have more than 1 project going on at a time.

How do you all feel about multiple projects?
You all know that I am "sewing" challenged, so that will be a while, I do have all the felted applique pieces cut out for the spotty hen mini quilt kit. 
Embroidery, not my first love. I don't mind doing it, but I can't say that I am looking forward to my next project.
Crochet...well that's my "thing". But I felt like I needed to learn something knew and expand my horizons.
Then there is the mini quilt I want to make.

Talk about scattered.
This entire week I've been a little off phase, didn't know what day it was. I lost a complete day this week.
You have days like this don't you?
I'm working on another thread crochet cottage potholder. This one will be for fall. I thought it might be fun to have several in different seasons to offer in my Etsy shoppe. The yarn looks peach, but it is a soft orange. For pumpkins of course. This is Babylo brand, and I purchased this from an old blogger buddy from back on the day.
She's on Etsy too. She sells lovely handmade doilies, and crochet thread, and you can find her here at her shoppe.

Well, there is something do always round here, I need to vaccum and put some dishes away.
We're supposed to have some rain, I hope so. Rainwater makes the garden happy.

Best get busy,time has been getting the best of me lately.


  1. Glad to hear I am not the only one who can't keep the days straight lately. I actually gained some time though - I thought "Oh I didn't get laundry done today" and laundry day wasn't until the next day. I told hubby "I will just have to think that again tomorrow." heehee

  2. I usually have a crochet project on the go and a sewing project as well. I relax with crochet in the evening.

  3. I get mixed up about what day of the week it is. Especially this week since middle son has the week off so he's not going to work, the grands are not in school due to the virus, and being retired it's hard to keep track.
    That soft orange yarn is awfully pretty. The potholder will be lovely!
    I have a friend who loves to embroider. If she can't sleep she sits and embroiders at night. I can't imagine myself doing that.

    1. crafting is very relaxing, one of the reasons I love crochet it is so portable.It can be done anywhere.

  4. Send some rain our way! We need it. I think Sunday is our best chance here. Love your crochet project.

  5. we had a doozy of a downpour Kristina on Thursday evening, and another rainbow. It did my little garden good. My tomatoe plant doesn't look like a seedling anymore.


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