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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I'm an early bird this morning

Good Mornin!

I was up at 3:00, my knee tells me when it's time to get up. I laid there for a while and couldn't get back to sleep, by then the birds were beginning to awaken, and it was getting light, by then it was 5:00am. Turned on the coffee and got dressed. It's going to be hot today, in the 90's, So I got out and watered my garden, and pots with the seedling flowers. They are coming along albeit slowly. It looks like our hot peppers have grown some,(nursery bought), our tomatoes ( home grown) pitiful.
but there is plenty of time.

Each day....
I check the garlic, they are starting to die of a bit now.
Yesterday I harvested more lavender, maybe about 20 stems, smelled so good.

We don't live in the country/rural area (unfortunately) always been a dream of mine. But I have to admit, even here in Dodge the early mornings are pretty. It's quiet, the air fresh and the earth and birds just waking up. Clear sky with a bit of a moon, not full, but a beautiful pale butter color.

Starting my day, a cuppa and I think I'll have raisin toast.
Dropping items off at Goodwill today. Try to do that before it gets to hot.


Enjoy your day


  1. I finally bought a sprinkler for our gardens. Going out to water in a minute. It will be hot today for sure.

  2. Waking up early can be very frustrating, especially at this time of year when it seems impossible to get back to sleep again. There is, however, something rather special about those quiet hours before anyone else is awake. X

  3. I am a morning person too and love to watch the world wake up.

  4. I get a lot done when I wake up early. But I rarely do that. 😊

    The crochet work in the photo is so beautiful.

  5. Thanks Nil. I do get more done, but I also tire by the middle of the day.

  6. Harvey was very worried that our rutabaga were not coming up, but after two days of rain he has had to thin them out quite a bit.

    I need to do some snipping on my lavender as well.

    God bless.

    1. rain works better than the garden hose.We've not had any for days and it's not now.

  7. I'm almost always up early too. These days I take my first cup of coffee out on the porch where I keep a fleece throw on the porch swing. The mornings are still nippy and I like the coziness of a throw. We reached 60F by afternoon, which was not warm but I think I prefer that to in the 90's.
    I hope your day was a good one.

  8. I like it cooler too. That sounds delightful, a porch to sit and take in the morning.I like to drink coffee outside in the early morning.

  9. Can you send an email (listed on my blog) and tell me how to make the beeswax candles and resources please?

  10. Don't know what it is about 3:00 am but I'm usually awake then too...with some kind of leg or back ache. Sounds pretty there where you live. We used to drink our coffee while watching the early morning news and weather but lately can't stand to even turn on the TV. Hope you're having a good week.

  11. No tv on here in the morning anymore, for quite a while now. What a way to wake up.We get by fine without it.


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