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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dress up Vintage Style Potholders

 I have a soft spot for these little dress vintage type potholders. Oh well if truth be know, I have a soft spot for any type thread crochet potholder.
So simple & lovely
They are so delightful.
I made these a few years back, a few were sold at craft fairs, or given away. I have a few I kept for myself.


  1. They are so pretty.
    Faith, I’ve a silly question. Why do you call these thread crochet? Is is because you used thread? They look thick, like yarn. I though thread used in crochet were very thin.

    1. No silly question. These are made with size 10 cotton thread, which is used for doilies and such. There is much thinner thread, and thicker thread too. Hook used as well as the stitch make a difference as well. Thank you for stopping over.

  2. My Mom used to have some of these. I often wonder what became of them. They are all so lovely.

    God bless.

  3. Oh those potholders are so adorable!! You MADE those? I'm surprised you could part with any.

  4. it gives me an exuse to make more.

  5. Such wonderful crochet pieces.

  6. My grandmother used to make a bunch of these, and I don't believe I've seen any in decades. So it was quite the treat and trip down memory lane to see yours. They are adorable!

  7. These are much too pretty to use on pots! ;) In another post I saw them hanging on a clothesline; so cute!


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