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Monday, June 29, 2020

A little more information on the Cross my heart shawl

Hello Friends!

Just popping in for a minute before I set about my day.
I've had a few comments about the color of the shawl from the last posting. I didn't include that information, or where the pattern/instructions can be found.
The yarn is from Hobby Lobby
the colorway is French Lilac. It is a beautiful yarn, very soft and has a lovely sheen to it.

The pattern for the cross my heart shawl is not my pattern. In fact there is no written pattern for it.

I have a link on my blog to J's knit and purl jam. Oh she makes some lovely things, and is a joy to watch.
Look up in the top right corner U tube Gems.
She will take you from start to finish on all her patterns. This if I remember correctly is a two row repeat. It is made to size, and she will show you that also.

or you can use this link, which will take you directly to the Cross my heart tutorial.
J's knit & purl jam

I corrected I hope the problem with the links which were my own. Not blogger.

J's Crochet Cross My Heart shawl episode # 27

Hobby Lobby Soft Secret Yarn Colorway French Lilac.

Have a beautiful day
Tea Rose in my wee garden.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Not a craft diva by any stretch

I guess that I, am one trick pony.Try as I might,
I did cross the line, come out of the box, expand my horizon....but I think
that Crochet is still my cup of tea. Maybe it was because I had more than one project going at once...maybe maybe maybe.

So you remember I posted about the spotty hen mini quilt?  I'm going to chalk it up to a little me and a little bit pattern kit. That's fair enough isn't it. After all they gave me everything to make up this little stunner. But....being me....I messed up things a bit. I put it aside for a little bit, pondering over what I did, or what I could have done better. Maybe....just maybe I was a little to intense and a little nervous about doing the project, never having had worked with felt, or applique, and then....there is the quilting portion.
I forgot to remind myself this is a journey making the piece is the journey. I should be enjoying and relax and work with the pattern not the clock on the wall. 

I ended up undoing everything I had already acomplished, when I noticed that I had entirely missed a piece which "should" have been sewn in. So I reinvented the wheel, worked with some of their fabric, and some of my own.. I bought some darling fabric in Amish  country many years ago, and never really did make anything out of it, I thought it would pretty for myproject, and would brighten it up, and add a little more "country" inspiration to the pattern.

It's more my own rendition now, it's hard for meto live up to something somebody else made with their experience & personality to it, and like I do with the crochet, I take some of theirs and some of mine to make a new dfferent one.

No picture just yet...
but here is something I so know how to do 😏


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dress up Vintage Style Potholders

 I have a soft spot for these little dress vintage type potholders. Oh well if truth be know, I have a soft spot for any type thread crochet potholder.
So simple & lovely
They are so delightful.
I made these a few years back, a few were sold at craft fairs, or given away. I have a few I kept for myself.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Project in the old hopper

Well Hello & howdy do to all of you.

Oh dear I must admit that I've got more than 1 project in the old hopper. I am 99% with the linen embroidery, I've got the spotty hen started, & my beloved crochet a thread cottage all going on at one time. Not usual for me. I need to push on and finish up the linen embroidery. It is not my usual behavior to have more than 1 project going on at a time.

How do you all feel about multiple projects?
You all know that I am "sewing" challenged, so that will be a while, I do have all the felted applique pieces cut out for the spotty hen mini quilt kit. 
Embroidery, not my first love. I don't mind doing it, but I can't say that I am looking forward to my next project.
Crochet...well that's my "thing". But I felt like I needed to learn something knew and expand my horizons.
Then there is the mini quilt I want to make.

Talk about scattered.
This entire week I've been a little off phase, didn't know what day it was. I lost a complete day this week.
You have days like this don't you?
I'm working on another thread crochet cottage potholder. This one will be for fall. I thought it might be fun to have several in different seasons to offer in my Etsy shoppe. The yarn looks peach, but it is a soft orange. For pumpkins of course. This is Babylo brand, and I purchased this from an old blogger buddy from back on the day.
She's on Etsy too. She sells lovely handmade doilies, and crochet thread, and you can find her here at her shoppe.

Well, there is something do always round here, I need to vaccum and put some dishes away.
We're supposed to have some rain, I hope so. Rainwater makes the garden happy.

Best get busy,time has been getting the best of me lately.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I'm an early bird this morning

Good Mornin!

I was up at 3:00, my knee tells me when it's time to get up. I laid there for a while and couldn't get back to sleep, by then the birds were beginning to awaken, and it was getting light, by then it was 5:00am. Turned on the coffee and got dressed. It's going to be hot today, in the 90's, So I got out and watered my garden, and pots with the seedling flowers. They are coming along albeit slowly. It looks like our hot peppers have grown some,(nursery bought), our tomatoes ( home grown) pitiful.
but there is plenty of time.

Each day....
I check the garlic, they are starting to die of a bit now.
Yesterday I harvested more lavender, maybe about 20 stems, smelled so good.

We don't live in the country/rural area (unfortunately) always been a dream of mine. But I have to admit, even here in Dodge the early mornings are pretty. It's quiet, the air fresh and the earth and birds just waking up. Clear sky with a bit of a moon, not full, but a beautiful pale butter color.

Starting my day, a cuppa and I think I'll have raisin toast.
Dropping items off at Goodwill today. Try to do that before it gets to hot.


Enjoy your day