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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Rose Medallion Crochet Square

Isn't this pretty?
Given to me to by a coworker, she made 20 of these beauties, they need only to have the loose ends weaved in, and join to make something really stunning.  I had always intended on doing something with them, but I am not fond of the crochet joining process. She stopped making them because she could no longer find the yarn to complete it. I've had them more than a few years now.
It's a shame they are not fashioned up to be gorgeous...
I've posted about it at my shoppe, and added it to my ETSY if you are, or know someone who would like to purchase, have a look, pass the word.
Thank you

 The Irish Rose 10"x10" squares, 2/$15, purchase a pair, and I add a 3rd one for FREE, and Free Shipping too. ( While supplies last, only 20 in stock).

The Robins have returned I hear them singing....

Monday, February 24, 2020

Some Crochet Eye Candy

I've been pre occupied with stash busting some pieces parts, and have whittled down many and various size yarn balls. And turned them into these. Voila!

I have 11 so far. Put them in the Etsy shop. I've ordered some yarn, and while I wait for that to arrive, 
Got a project in mind.

Time for coffee it's 6:30 am.

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Happy Valentines's a wee bit early, I thought I would decorate the blog with beautiful hearts.

This is the 1st doily I ever made. This was crocheted in 1976. 
I am rather fond of hearts, and this just fit the bill. 

Internet Photo

 I found this picture, I can't recall when I made these, or what I did with them, I don't know if I made them from a pattern or not even. Must have been some time ago. 
But Hearts are lovely anyway...anytime arn't they?

 I 'm one of the folks who find shapes and faces in things. Not that I search for them, but sometimes they just show up. I wonder if that's GOD'S way of thanking me for taking time to notice his wonders. This was in the tree in our front yard a few years ago.
I think it looks like a heart.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Tinkering with yarn making something pretty.

Cross My Heart Shawl

Making good progress on the shawl, I've finished up the back about 12 or 14 repeats, and have worked 25 rows for one tie, one skein did the entire back, and now I'm  working on the 2nd skein. I bought 3 skeins to make sure I had enough.  The lovely yarn changes colors, during my evening hook moving, it looks like a chocolate brown. In the day time, you can see the lovely color of the yarn,
Hobby Lobby Soft Secret French Lilac...

This is one I made for myelf.  Made with Hobby Lobby Soft Secret-Bisquit Color. I did make the ties longer on the current one, so they tie nicely and don't look to short.

Keeping busy inside doing perfect indoor chores & moving the hook. Been to JoAnn's found nothing to buy, and a quick run to our closing AC Moore, the same nothing to write home about.  I like to check out the seasonal merchandise, "sometimes" you find cute things. But recently I took alot of cute things I never use to Goodwill. So I used some restraint.  I don't need any yarn at the moment as I am working on the shawl, sticking to the promise I made myself, no more yarn unless it's for a project.   I take that back, I did find 2 delightful decorative  boxes at Joann's 60% off. I'll be posting about those soon I figure.

Staying warm and indoors this weekend..the Scouts are going camping, it's cold & icy,
no school today. Youngest tallest gets a day off.

Enjoy your weekend!