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Friday, January 3, 2020

Tinkering with yarn, making something pretty

I found a nice Crochet Christmas tree skirt prior to Christmas, it was way to close for me to get it done by then, and I've played around with colors, worked 2 short samples...color was off.  In my mobile craft room I did have a small amount of Caron Simply Soft Party yarn in the snow color. I don't like to part with those because they are so pretty, and I can always find something to do with it.

I recently made a scarf with gray metalic, I'll have to take a picture of it to share.
 Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn, Silver
I'm a fan of Caron Simply Soft yarn, and their party yarns offer a little sparkle. I've made a few other things with the sparkle yarn and decided to go with it all this color with no variations.  I currently have an all white with silver specks on the 1st one I made many years ago, when the boys were small.

Just enough shimmer, irredescent.  I shopped around and decided to go with JoAnns, for pick up, they say that they have 8 of them..I've been duped before. So I placed the order and IF it is filled I will go today and pick it up. I just got 4. (For Now) We'll see if they call that they have it in stock, even though it says they do....learned that lesson :)
CROCHET PATTERN  Beautifully Textured Christmas Tree Skirt image 0 
 Isn't this pretty and lacy.
you can find out about the pattern below.

Well, that's all folks items in stock. ??????? Why then would you say you have 8 of something and you dont
have any?  JoAnns lost a sale, and I ordered it elsewhere. I contacted JoAnns.See...I learned the first driving around for nothing.  I'm not sure if they care. In these days you can buy many things online from a variety of places. JoAnns better get with the beat baggy. Or they will go the way of Pat Catans ( Darice), AC Moore, all closed and took over by Micheals...who didn't have the yarn either...

.It's cold and snowy outside...I feel a little under the weather, BUT would have went out for yarn. Oh bother.

Now I'll keep shopping...and just have it delivered.


  1. Have never seen sparkle yarn! Love it!!!!! That just white with sparkle will be great!!!!

    Yes, brick and mortar places have to be more front-and-center about what they have. There are just too many on-line places to get things. Which is sad but true.

    'Course, I never liked to shop. And so, on line shopping is wonderful for me. But still, hate to lose all brick and mortal places.

    You are so lucky to have snow! We need some, badly. No snow blanket is bad for growth which has to winter-over.

    Sorry you don't feel too good though. Enjoy your crocheting and rest and feel better soon.

    Gentle hugs...
    ⛄ 📕 ⛄

  2. I had no idea that yarn came with sparkly bits in it. How great is that!!
    I hope your "under the weather" doesn't turn into something worse!!

  3. I try to buy locally too, but like you said, getting the run-around gets old.
    I bet your tree-skirt with that little sparkle will be beautiful.
    Sidetrack: "Oh bother." Reminds me of Pooh Bear - I like Pooh Bear:-)

  4. Hope you managed to get the yarn. Love the tree skirt pattern.

  5. So very nice of you to drop by. Waiting on UPS to deliver the yarn. Do I need a Life?
    not been feeling well as I said. Something is going around. Lost my smell and taste buds. Not sure if I had the cold or the flu. You all stay well.


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