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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tinkering with yarn,making something pretty

I've got a crochet cross your heart shawl on the hook. 
I'm using Hobby Lobby Soft Secret/ French Lilac what a pretty name. They had another called Rosebud, it was discontinued unfortunately, really pretty color.
This is a gift for my youngest/tallest Math teacher. 
Math...the bain of his existence. She brought him through the math abyss.
Crochet by the sea
Crochet by the Sea

The two pictures are of the same is everything. I draped this over a lampshade so you can see the pattern.  This is the back portion, then you work the ties.
The pattern or I should say tutorial on how to crochet this can be found 

I've made about 3 of these so far. One for myself, and gifted the others. 

Cleaned out a few drawers today,the stuff you accumulate. How many ink pens or rolls of tape do I actually need? Husband will take the pens to work, they are always looking for pens. A trip to goodwill today also, my 3rd trip in the last few days. It feels good to be shed of things which take up space that I don't use, that somebody else can use. I like to take things to Goodwill, and I will on occasion shop there to find lovelies. I'm about due for a visit, spring is coming. Maybe I can find some more pieces of the Vintage China I purchased there last summer.
Changing the bed linens and then break time/hook time. I'm off to a good start for the week. I went through all the pots and pans, some were in the back of the cupboard I hadn't seen or used or even missed in years...time to go right?
My new instant pot replaces several of the items. I will keep the slow cooker, it's good for when we attend Boy Scout events covered dish. I have a crock pot which we got as a wedding gift 25 years ago. I considered taking it..I'll hang on to it a while.

 Image result for vintage crock pot with flowers

 I have not used it in years, but it is pretty, I thought it might be good for melting the beeswax, although before I do that I may have to look into if that even can be done.

Closed the Pinterest account. Spend way to much time looking...Blogger is now the only thing I have up and running.  It feels good to organize, remove unused items, and time wasting behaviors.
About yesterday's post. Wisp of Words bless her heart, posted for me to turn on my comments, just about the same time I wanted to test comment, because I didn't have any, which isn't weird for my blog. I happened to find that in the actual post where you do your drafts in the options, you can enable comments or disable from there. Who knew?
Not me. I never knew that was even there. I went back and looked at the last 2 post, the comments were disabled from there. If I didn't know it was there to begin with, HOW did it get disabled? I'll have to check this each time now.

I see a new friend has signed on Jules....thank you. I would like to return your visit....what is your blog?


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Tinkering with yarn, making something pretty

It's so cold and snowy, you would think it's winter! Last Sunday it was 67degrees. 
Have not been out, and have no intention of doing so, it's 15 today.

Worked the hook a little bit this weekend, and ended up with these lovelies.
It is a centerpiece for a vintage doily. 

How pretty these would be as an applique to a pillow, or as a centerpiece for a doily, maybe a necklace or pin, a mandala.
I have many thread colors, and so I'll be adding to these, they work up very quickly and the pattern is not difficult. 

They have not been blocked or steamed. One is a tad smaller than the other. I especially like how the layers flow to give it texture. I think 2 a day is the limit, but even at that I can get a rainbow of colors to brighten the day.


This one is my own design which I told you about previously. I went off the rail and still didn't get the pattern written down. I find that rather difficult to do, stop and write. I'll remember ?
Not so much, but if I take the time I can recreate it.  

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Tinkering with yarn,making something pretty

Well, Greetings to you all!

I mentioned this a few days back, Sparkly yarn ( post) that I was working on a scarf with Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn, ooh love the shimmery loveliness. The yarn is pretty and has a nice sheen to it already, and then you add the tiniest shimmery speckles...

Getting a photo has been somewhat of a challenge, trying to catch the elusive sparkles...getting some sunshine on it....might do the trick. Elusive sparkles !

It's off the hook, it needs to be steamed so the yarn will relax, measurements taken and particulars noted.
The pattern is not my design, 
J's knit and purl jam 12 days of Christmas Scarf
click on the link to watch and learn as you crochet with Miss J, she does really pretty work, and you'll feel welcome in her craft room you really will.

 A little sneak peak...
will be added to my shoppe soon.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Tinkering with yarn, making something pretty

I found a nice Crochet Christmas tree skirt prior to Christmas, it was way to close for me to get it done by then, and I've played around with colors, worked 2 short samples...color was off.  In my mobile craft room I did have a small amount of Caron Simply Soft Party yarn in the snow color. I don't like to part with those because they are so pretty, and I can always find something to do with it.

I recently made a scarf with gray metalic, I'll have to take a picture of it to share.
 Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn, Silver
I'm a fan of Caron Simply Soft yarn, and their party yarns offer a little sparkle. I've made a few other things with the sparkle yarn and decided to go with it all this color with no variations.  I currently have an all white with silver specks on the 1st one I made many years ago, when the boys were small.

Just enough shimmer, irredescent.  I shopped around and decided to go with JoAnns, for pick up, they say that they have 8 of them..I've been duped before. So I placed the order and IF it is filled I will go today and pick it up. I just got 4. (For Now) We'll see if they call that they have it in stock, even though it says they do....learned that lesson :)
CROCHET PATTERN  Beautifully Textured Christmas Tree Skirt image 0 
 Isn't this pretty and lacy.
you can find out about the pattern below.

Well, that's all folks items in stock. ??????? Why then would you say you have 8 of something and you dont
have any?  JoAnns lost a sale, and I ordered it elsewhere. I contacted JoAnns.See...I learned the first driving around for nothing.  I'm not sure if they care. In these days you can buy many things online from a variety of places. JoAnns better get with the beat baggy. Or they will go the way of Pat Catans ( Darice), AC Moore, all closed and took over by Micheals...who didn't have the yarn either...

.It's cold and snowy outside...I feel a little under the weather, BUT would have went out for yarn. Oh bother.

Now I'll keep shopping...and just have it delivered.