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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Something outside of the Crochet realm

 Oh that Hortense  aka known as a "Hortense Moment". She takes me out of my cozy and throws me head first into something I know absolutely nothing about but I think I can do.

She has "persuaded"me to try my hand at the deco mesh wreath  craze. Albeit, I think I am on the end of the fad, as usual I stand back and watch and then...maybe give it a try. So I had gotten the mesh on sale at the big box craft store on sale. I'll admit it, I got enamoured of the beautiful wreaths which are all over the you tube, amazing. Forgetting that I am me for a brief moment, I got sucked into the delusion, that I could make one, it looked easy sort of. Well then the wreath frames were all gone from the Dollar Tree, by that time 1week before Christmas. forward I did find the wreath yesterday, and purchased a couple of them 2 round and 2 heart ones.

Two things occured to me. 

1. I got dazzled by the beautiful wreaths, even though I probably would have preferred a more natural looking wreath of say greens, burlap and plaid/check simple ribbon.

2. I am well passed old enough, not old, not ancient, but rather gracefully vintage to know that this was one of those knee jerk gotcha projects, so totally not in my wheelhouse or in my desired "motif" at this age.  I really need to holster things a bit, and yet on the other hand what IF I really liked making them, and missed out on doing so? Is this one of those if a tree falls in the forest thoughts? 

Things for me to ponder upon. I'm not unhappy with the wreath which is still not done as of today. The mesh is on, and shimmers in the light of the Christmas Tree, so not a total loss. Will I make another one with the mesh?  Not so likely.

There is something to be said of staying in my comfort zone.... it's like comfort food....always good anytime why change it up? Don't fix it it's not broken, and any many more of the good old day sayings,

I'm playing around with blogger and themes, seems like the more they made "better", the more I like it the old way...again comfort. Have you ever had someone follow you and you wanted to visit their blog,so you click on their icon and it brings up a list of the blogs they follow, but you can't find out anything about the person you clicked on? 

Well, enough of playtime....back to the real world, laundry, and shopping. The weather is blustery today about 40 degrees, something is blowing in, I'm burning daylight.

Until next time!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Shedding a little light on things Crochet Bells

 Not how I want to display these, but it looks pretty with sparkly garland, next year I'll get some greens and wind it around but they are pretty.

Monday, December 21, 2020

A bevy of Crochet Christmas Bells. the hook 35 more bells. I had anticipated that I would have these for next year, for over the mantle with some lovely garland and foraged pinecones. I have the notion to wind lights around the garland, and the bells will sit on there just lovely.  I've not been able to find lights, everything seems to be selling to the bare shelves this year. My husband ran across some this morning, it was the last box. Guess it was meant for me. I needed 35 white mini lights, and that is what he found for me.

No mojo today, I sat crocheting in my p.j's....I did manage to get the bed linen changed though. After I post this, I've got to tidy up a bit, and make more of an effort for today. Although I'd be perfectly happy tinkering around with yarn and hook, making something lovely.

Crochet Christmas Bells the first set I made

Well, I've had my fun, and now must do something about the house. 


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Countdown to Christmas



 Hello Friends, are you all busy in your hearth, baking wonderful goodies and decorating.?

I thought it would be fun to post during these last few days of Christmas Items I have made over the years. Some years they are out and sometimes not...kept it light this year. 

Considering making Angel Wings, it's snowy today, looks rather like a good day to bustle about and do inside things. So I cleaned my cupboards out and  re arranged things for easy access. Assessed what I no long use some for Goodwill, and some for my son when he finds a place for himself. The rest is easy access, no more sitting on the floor looking for things. 

 Made this for a blogging friend a few years bag, I always intended to make one for my self.


Friday, December 11, 2020

A little Christmas


I don't know if you can make out the lights, I did a little crocheting this week and just finished up the Christmas Bells. They are done in Crochet thread size 10 Colors Sage, Rosebud, Antique and white. They were easy to work up. I  found the pattern here.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Chit Chat from the easy chair

 It's too cold to be chit chat over the clothesline, c'mon in lets sit a while. I've got some wrapping done, our tree is up and a few decorations are  up, it looks good enough for me. Cookies on the agenda soon. My oldest son's birthday is in 2 days, 25 how time does fly. He likes no loves cheescake, so my 1940 Cheese freeze  cheese cake is up next.

1940 Cheesecake Freezecake 

 Cookies will be the usual unless I get really ambitious. Russian Tea Cakes ( Butter Balls), Peanut Butter Blossoms, and Drop sugar cookies. If I make them too early they disappear. I picked up some crochet thread and a hook yesterday, I have not crocheted in months, I miss it, so I'm working on a small quick pattern I found for crochet Christmas garland. We'll see. 



Saturday, July 25, 2020

Patchwork Crochet

Welcome to my little place,
glad you've stopped.

A little time travel today, back about maybe almost 10 years give or take a few. I can't remember when I actually did make this, longer than 5 for sure. It was a good year in the making, and if truth be told it really is not done yet. Loose ends, this needs a "good tidy" as Kate would say. ( Kate from the Last homely house) her link up in the right hand corner there..

I love the look of the patchwork, and pop of color, but I will admit I am not a fan of joining the motifs together, and could have done a much better job. This would be a wonderful cold winter project as it would keep my legs warm whilst working on it. I had just put it in the basement and it has been ignored down there while I figured out what I would do with it. I didn't want to toss it, many hours of handwork went into it. So I brought it up from the abyss and laid it once again across the back of my sofa.

It has brightened up the room and my disposition I must say. I tossed it gently on the clothesline today and let the gentle breeze and sunshine blow off the dust & cobwebs.

My pesky hexy.....

Have a pattern for a Christmas tree skirt I'll give it a try on the hook soon.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Project off the hook...and in the shoppe

I've finished up the Thread Crochet Fall Cottage,and added it to my Etsy Shoppe.

 .I always come back to myfirst love

I'll finish the other things eventually, crafting should be relaxing....😉😏

Have a beautiful Day!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Sunflowers & Pumpkins Thread Crochet

Greetings & Welcome on in to my little place!

Well how are all of you?

Breaking it up a bit, I have been working on another crochet cottage for my ETSY shoppe, changing it up a bit, this time with a Fall theme.

Here is a sneak peak, in it's non assembled form. I may tweak it a bit yet, we'll see how it falls into place and what else I'll need to do.

Once assembled  and will be added to in my ETSY shoppe soon.
. Of course by then it will be assembled and ready for shipment to US destinations only at this time.

I received my candles from Kate over at the Last  Homely House yesterday, it took 18 days using
Royal Mail from the UK. Worth the wait, I'll be posting about them soon.

Monday, June 29, 2020

A little more information on the Cross my heart shawl

Hello Friends!

Just popping in for a minute before I set about my day.
I've had a few comments about the color of the shawl from the last posting. I didn't include that information, or where the pattern/instructions can be found.
The yarn is from Hobby Lobby
the colorway is French Lilac. It is a beautiful yarn, very soft and has a lovely sheen to it.

The pattern for the cross my heart shawl is not my pattern. In fact there is no written pattern for it.

I have a link on my blog to J's knit and purl jam. Oh she makes some lovely things, and is a joy to watch.
Look up in the top right corner U tube Gems.
She will take you from start to finish on all her patterns. This if I remember correctly is a two row repeat. It is made to size, and she will show you that also.

or you can use this link, which will take you directly to the Cross my heart tutorial.
J's knit & purl jam

I corrected I hope the problem with the links which were my own. Not blogger.

J's Crochet Cross My Heart shawl episode # 27

Hobby Lobby Soft Secret Yarn Colorway French Lilac.

Have a beautiful day
Tea Rose in my wee garden.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Not a craft diva by any stretch

I guess that I, am one trick pony.Try as I might,
I did cross the line, come out of the box, expand my horizon....but I think
that Crochet is still my cup of tea. Maybe it was because I had more than one project going at once...maybe maybe maybe.

So you remember I posted about the spotty hen mini quilt?  I'm going to chalk it up to a little me and a little bit pattern kit. That's fair enough isn't it. After all they gave me everything to make up this little stunner. But....being me....I messed up things a bit. I put it aside for a little bit, pondering over what I did, or what I could have done better. Maybe....just maybe I was a little to intense and a little nervous about doing the project, never having had worked with felt, or applique, and then....there is the quilting portion.
I forgot to remind myself this is a journey making the piece is the journey. I should be enjoying and relax and work with the pattern not the clock on the wall. 

I ended up undoing everything I had already acomplished, when I noticed that I had entirely missed a piece which "should" have been sewn in. So I reinvented the wheel, worked with some of their fabric, and some of my own.. I bought some darling fabric in Amish  country many years ago, and never really did make anything out of it, I thought it would pretty for myproject, and would brighten it up, and add a little more "country" inspiration to the pattern.

It's more my own rendition now, it's hard for meto live up to something somebody else made with their experience & personality to it, and like I do with the crochet, I take some of theirs and some of mine to make a new dfferent one.

No picture just yet...
but here is something I so know how to do 😏


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dress up Vintage Style Potholders

 I have a soft spot for these little dress vintage type potholders. Oh well if truth be know, I have a soft spot for any type thread crochet potholder.
So simple & lovely
They are so delightful.
I made these a few years back, a few were sold at craft fairs, or given away. I have a few I kept for myself.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Project in the old hopper

Well Hello & howdy do to all of you.

Oh dear I must admit that I've got more than 1 project in the old hopper. I am 99% with the linen embroidery, I've got the spotty hen started, & my beloved crochet a thread cottage all going on at one time. Not usual for me. I need to push on and finish up the linen embroidery. It is not my usual behavior to have more than 1 project going on at a time.

How do you all feel about multiple projects?
You all know that I am "sewing" challenged, so that will be a while, I do have all the felted applique pieces cut out for the spotty hen mini quilt kit. 
Embroidery, not my first love. I don't mind doing it, but I can't say that I am looking forward to my next project.
Crochet...well that's my "thing". But I felt like I needed to learn something knew and expand my horizons.
Then there is the mini quilt I want to make.

Talk about scattered.
This entire week I've been a little off phase, didn't know what day it was. I lost a complete day this week.
You have days like this don't you?
I'm working on another thread crochet cottage potholder. This one will be for fall. I thought it might be fun to have several in different seasons to offer in my Etsy shoppe. The yarn looks peach, but it is a soft orange. For pumpkins of course. This is Babylo brand, and I purchased this from an old blogger buddy from back on the day.
She's on Etsy too. She sells lovely handmade doilies, and crochet thread, and you can find her here at her shoppe.

Well, there is something do always round here, I need to vaccum and put some dishes away.
We're supposed to have some rain, I hope so. Rainwater makes the garden happy.

Best get busy,time has been getting the best of me lately.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I'm an early bird this morning

Good Mornin!

I was up at 3:00, my knee tells me when it's time to get up. I laid there for a while and couldn't get back to sleep, by then the birds were beginning to awaken, and it was getting light, by then it was 5:00am. Turned on the coffee and got dressed. It's going to be hot today, in the 90's, So I got out and watered my garden, and pots with the seedling flowers. They are coming along albeit slowly. It looks like our hot peppers have grown some,(nursery bought), our tomatoes ( home grown) pitiful.
but there is plenty of time.

Each day....
I check the garlic, they are starting to die of a bit now.
Yesterday I harvested more lavender, maybe about 20 stems, smelled so good.

We don't live in the country/rural area (unfortunately) always been a dream of mine. But I have to admit, even here in Dodge the early mornings are pretty. It's quiet, the air fresh and the earth and birds just waking up. Clear sky with a bit of a moon, not full, but a beautiful pale butter color.

Starting my day, a cuppa and I think I'll have raisin toast.
Dropping items off at Goodwill today. Try to do that before it gets to hot.


Enjoy your day

Friday, May 8, 2020

Cross my heart Crochet Shawl

My last yarn project has been finished up for about 8 weeks. Original intention was to fashion this up for my son's Math teacher as a Thank You. You know the rest of that saga.

So, it is going into the shoppe..


Cross my heart Shawl
Colorway Plum Caron Simply Soft

A snippet of the stitches and color


Monday, May 4, 2020

Tinkering around with some yarn

Tinkering around one day last week, I fashioned up this cute little yard bird.
I have one on my fridge. 
Added to the shoppe.

Inside chores today, it's 43 degrees, yesterday 75 degrees. 

Moving about smartley today, chores to do I put off over the week end. 

Have a Simply Lovely  Day

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Rose Medallion Crochet Square

Isn't this pretty?
Given to me to by a coworker, she made 20 of these beauties, they need only to have the loose ends weaved in, and join to make something really stunning.  I had always intended on doing something with them, but I am not fond of the crochet joining process. She stopped making them because she could no longer find the yarn to complete it. I've had them more than a few years now.
It's a shame they are not fashioned up to be gorgeous...
I've posted about it at my shoppe, and added it to my ETSY if you are, or know someone who would like to purchase, have a look, pass the word.
Thank you

 The Irish Rose 10"x10" squares, 2/$15, purchase a pair, and I add a 3rd one for FREE, and Free Shipping too. ( While supplies last, only 20 in stock).

The Robins have returned I hear them singing....

Monday, February 24, 2020

Some Crochet Eye Candy

I've been pre occupied with stash busting some pieces parts, and have whittled down many and various size yarn balls. And turned them into these. Voila!

I have 11 so far. Put them in the Etsy shop. I've ordered some yarn, and while I wait for that to arrive, 
Got a project in mind.

Time for coffee it's 6:30 am.

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Happy Valentines's a wee bit early, I thought I would decorate the blog with beautiful hearts.

This is the 1st doily I ever made. This was crocheted in 1976. 
I am rather fond of hearts, and this just fit the bill. 

Internet Photo

 I found this picture, I can't recall when I made these, or what I did with them, I don't know if I made them from a pattern or not even. Must have been some time ago. 
But Hearts are lovely anyway...anytime arn't they?

 I 'm one of the folks who find shapes and faces in things. Not that I search for them, but sometimes they just show up. I wonder if that's GOD'S way of thanking me for taking time to notice his wonders. This was in the tree in our front yard a few years ago.
I think it looks like a heart.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Tinkering with yarn making something pretty.

Cross My Heart Shawl

Making good progress on the shawl, I've finished up the back about 12 or 14 repeats, and have worked 25 rows for one tie, one skein did the entire back, and now I'm  working on the 2nd skein. I bought 3 skeins to make sure I had enough.  The lovely yarn changes colors, during my evening hook moving, it looks like a chocolate brown. In the day time, you can see the lovely color of the yarn,
Hobby Lobby Soft Secret French Lilac...

This is one I made for myelf.  Made with Hobby Lobby Soft Secret-Bisquit Color. I did make the ties longer on the current one, so they tie nicely and don't look to short.

Keeping busy inside doing perfect indoor chores & moving the hook. Been to JoAnn's found nothing to buy, and a quick run to our closing AC Moore, the same nothing to write home about.  I like to check out the seasonal merchandise, "sometimes" you find cute things. But recently I took alot of cute things I never use to Goodwill. So I used some restraint.  I don't need any yarn at the moment as I am working on the shawl, sticking to the promise I made myself, no more yarn unless it's for a project.   I take that back, I did find 2 delightful decorative  boxes at Joann's 60% off. I'll be posting about those soon I figure.

Staying warm and indoors this weekend..the Scouts are going camping, it's cold & icy,
no school today. Youngest tallest gets a day off.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tinkering with yarn,making something pretty

I've got a crochet cross your heart shawl on the hook. 
I'm using Hobby Lobby Soft Secret/ French Lilac what a pretty name. They had another called Rosebud, it was discontinued unfortunately, really pretty color.
This is a gift for my youngest/tallest Math teacher. 
Math...the bain of his existence. She brought him through the math abyss.
Crochet by the sea
Crochet by the Sea

The two pictures are of the same is everything. I draped this over a lampshade so you can see the pattern.  This is the back portion, then you work the ties.
The pattern or I should say tutorial on how to crochet this can be found 

I've made about 3 of these so far. One for myself, and gifted the others. 

Cleaned out a few drawers today,the stuff you accumulate. How many ink pens or rolls of tape do I actually need? Husband will take the pens to work, they are always looking for pens. A trip to goodwill today also, my 3rd trip in the last few days. It feels good to be shed of things which take up space that I don't use, that somebody else can use. I like to take things to Goodwill, and I will on occasion shop there to find lovelies. I'm about due for a visit, spring is coming. Maybe I can find some more pieces of the Vintage China I purchased there last summer.
Changing the bed linens and then break time/hook time. I'm off to a good start for the week. I went through all the pots and pans, some were in the back of the cupboard I hadn't seen or used or even missed in years...time to go right?
My new instant pot replaces several of the items. I will keep the slow cooker, it's good for when we attend Boy Scout events covered dish. I have a crock pot which we got as a wedding gift 25 years ago. I considered taking it..I'll hang on to it a while.

 Image result for vintage crock pot with flowers

 I have not used it in years, but it is pretty, I thought it might be good for melting the beeswax, although before I do that I may have to look into if that even can be done.

Closed the Pinterest account. Spend way to much time looking...Blogger is now the only thing I have up and running.  It feels good to organize, remove unused items, and time wasting behaviors.
About yesterday's post. Wisp of Words bless her heart, posted for me to turn on my comments, just about the same time I wanted to test comment, because I didn't have any, which isn't weird for my blog. I happened to find that in the actual post where you do your drafts in the options, you can enable comments or disable from there. Who knew?
Not me. I never knew that was even there. I went back and looked at the last 2 post, the comments were disabled from there. If I didn't know it was there to begin with, HOW did it get disabled? I'll have to check this each time now.

I see a new friend has signed on Jules....thank you. I would like to return your visit....what is your blog?


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Tinkering with yarn, making something pretty

It's so cold and snowy, you would think it's winter! Last Sunday it was 67degrees. 
Have not been out, and have no intention of doing so, it's 15 today.

Worked the hook a little bit this weekend, and ended up with these lovelies.
It is a centerpiece for a vintage doily. 

How pretty these would be as an applique to a pillow, or as a centerpiece for a doily, maybe a necklace or pin, a mandala.
I have many thread colors, and so I'll be adding to these, they work up very quickly and the pattern is not difficult. 

They have not been blocked or steamed. One is a tad smaller than the other. I especially like how the layers flow to give it texture. I think 2 a day is the limit, but even at that I can get a rainbow of colors to brighten the day.


This one is my own design which I told you about previously. I went off the rail and still didn't get the pattern written down. I find that rather difficult to do, stop and write. I'll remember ?
Not so much, but if I take the time I can recreate it.  

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Tinkering with yarn,making something pretty

Well, Greetings to you all!

I mentioned this a few days back, Sparkly yarn ( post) that I was working on a scarf with Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn, ooh love the shimmery loveliness. The yarn is pretty and has a nice sheen to it already, and then you add the tiniest shimmery speckles...

Getting a photo has been somewhat of a challenge, trying to catch the elusive sparkles...getting some sunshine on it....might do the trick. Elusive sparkles !

It's off the hook, it needs to be steamed so the yarn will relax, measurements taken and particulars noted.
The pattern is not my design, 
J's knit and purl jam 12 days of Christmas Scarf
click on the link to watch and learn as you crochet with Miss J, she does really pretty work, and you'll feel welcome in her craft room you really will.

 A little sneak peak...
will be added to my shoppe soon.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Tinkering with yarn, making something pretty

I found a nice Crochet Christmas tree skirt prior to Christmas, it was way to close for me to get it done by then, and I've played around with colors, worked 2 short samples...color was off.  In my mobile craft room I did have a small amount of Caron Simply Soft Party yarn in the snow color. I don't like to part with those because they are so pretty, and I can always find something to do with it.

I recently made a scarf with gray metalic, I'll have to take a picture of it to share.
 Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn, Silver
I'm a fan of Caron Simply Soft yarn, and their party yarns offer a little sparkle. I've made a few other things with the sparkle yarn and decided to go with it all this color with no variations.  I currently have an all white with silver specks on the 1st one I made many years ago, when the boys were small.

Just enough shimmer, irredescent.  I shopped around and decided to go with JoAnns, for pick up, they say that they have 8 of them..I've been duped before. So I placed the order and IF it is filled I will go today and pick it up. I just got 4. (For Now) We'll see if they call that they have it in stock, even though it says they do....learned that lesson :)
CROCHET PATTERN  Beautifully Textured Christmas Tree Skirt image 0 
 Isn't this pretty and lacy.
you can find out about the pattern below.

Well, that's all folks items in stock. ??????? Why then would you say you have 8 of something and you dont
have any?  JoAnns lost a sale, and I ordered it elsewhere. I contacted JoAnns.See...I learned the first driving around for nothing.  I'm not sure if they care. In these days you can buy many things online from a variety of places. JoAnns better get with the beat baggy. Or they will go the way of Pat Catans ( Darice), AC Moore, all closed and took over by Micheals...who didn't have the yarn either...

.It's cold and snowy outside...I feel a little under the weather, BUT would have went out for yarn. Oh bother.

Now I'll keep shopping...and just have it delivered.