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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Homemaking chit chat, to do, and this n that

Having a cuppa with you, pondering my day.
There are any number of things which need to get done..I'm trying to determine what is the 1st thing I should do. The dreaded irksome list !

I'll get something done off that list today....😏

I am definitely am going to make some overnight sourdough bread, I've got some ham/bone broth and will make some nice bean soup for tomorrow and Friday, it's going to be in the 30's. Nice crusty bread is so good with soup. 

Crinoline Lady all dressed for Fall!

I've got nothing on the hook....looking into that. I'm a little tired of the cake yarn, and need a break.
Maybe something in thread? hmm we'll see. 

Are any of you crocheters out there a member of the Crochet Guild of America?Thinking of joining.

May make some homemade hot rolls for Thanksgiving....I usually do but am having oven issues....wanted to buy a new stove...nobody has the one I want in stock. And why? all of the sudden you pay more for a white stove, than stainless or black? 

What kind of stove do you have?  I wanted one with the 5th burner. Maytag has them...out of stock.

Have a wonderful Day !


  1. Our stove is natural gas, with 5 burners. Made by Whirlpool, and it's black. Our dishwasher is also black.... Refrigerator is white, but the other 2 appliances are closer to each other.

    We are happy with it. And prefer gas, to cook on, over electric.

    Have you had the time to go around and say to one store; "XYZ store has it at this price... Can you beat that?" Etc. Etc. Etc. -smile-

    Good luck with finding what you want, and at the price you want!!!


  2. We prefer gas as well. We have a Lowes, Home Depot & Menards in our area. We had a mess with Lowes with the washing machine delivery...they won't even hook up the stove, just deliver. All the big box stores, not so competitive, prices pretty much the same as well as the stock. We'll find one somewhere, maybe there is a mom and pop store left on the planet, or family appliance business. I'm not a big fan of the BIG BOX ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING STORE.

  3. Ha! Today is porcelains day at my house, which means I need to scrub the porcelains. Didn't get it done before work so guess what I'll be doing after work.
    On the crochet note, one of my favorite gifts from my folks is when my mom crochets around the flour-sack towels. I love them! (Just an idea:-)

  4. Thank you so much for your comment on my "Blogging" post. I love to see everyone's views, on what blogging IS, to them. And I liked your particular words; "I prefer blogging the old way, create your blog, make it pretty, make it yours... I like those the best, no ads, no plain white screen,no personality, clean and sterile...It's fun the old school way.
    Not for everybody, but there is something to be said for it."

    I love having the time, to make my blog... different forms of "pretty" to me. Over time, I have changed my idea of my-blog-pretty of course. I'm too much of a "gotta'change that" person, to stay the same. -grin-

    I used to make my own Backgrounds. Which was fun. Meaning, find a picture on the Net, with a recurring pattern, and make a grid of it. But you have to make sure, the edges, match. -smile- Like I said, I have the time to do more stuff like this. -smile-

    Wondering if you find my all white background, as too stark? It is perfectly fine, if you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How boring, if all our blogs, looked alike. I am just nosy and want to know, how my semi-bland-blog-look "strikes" you.

    I admit, I "get a crush on" different blog Looks, at times, and want to try them out, on mine. Perhaps, I actually have toooooo much time, on my hands, hu??? LOL

    And btw, I soooo disssslike adds on blogs!!!!!!! Ekkkkk! -sputter- Eeeeek! Why do people have adds??? It is not worth whatever money they make, on them. To irritate readers and drive people away. Well, I think this, anyway.

    OK, let you get back to your life now. After reading this long, long, long comment by me!!!!

  5. I hope you find the right stove for your needs. My stove is a very ordinary (electric)white G.E. Both my sisters have those glass topped ones ( or are they called ceramic, I'm not sure) but I'm just a little afraid of those. Silly, I'm sure, but what if I scratched it?

  6. I've had gas and electric stoves in my lifetime. I prefer electric just because I can so much. I have never canned on gas, so maybe someone can share their experience. My ultimate stove I want is one with a double oven, but they are only made with flat top's now, and those are terrible to can on from what I heard.


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