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Monday, November 4, 2019

Homemaking chit chat & finished Crochet project.

Stopping to break for a few minutes. I'm running out of steam, Supper to be made yet, and my chaueffer duties for my boys.

Chilli is on the menu tonight, tomorrow if there are leftovers chilli dogs. I've got some ham broth with the bone thawing for some ham n bean soup later in the week. It's going to be great soup weather.

We went to the orchard for probably the last time this year, and I picked up another 1/2 peck of Cortland apples. This morning, first thing ( after coffee), they were peeled and sliced for pie at a later date. I have them flash freezing, and then I'll toss them in the bag with the others. 

I find peeling and chopping AND making the crust rather an irksome task. The last pie I made I used some apples which I peeled and froze last time we went to the orchard. I had only to  make the crust..that was easy as pie. Laundry was folded and put away, and dishes and vaccum are checked off, bird feeder filled, and some treats tossed out for my "deer friends" to snack on.  Some fresh apple cores and peels. It windy...something is coming.....

The weekend tends to get away from me, we are all off routine, and so on Monday....
there is so serious straightening up to do.   I feel better when things are more tidy...we have a small place and it just looks out of control. The bedroom and bathroom for another day...we'll be having easy suppers, and I can devote more time.
chauffer, supper, dishes, crochet time for the remainder of this day. If I have enough yarn, which I don't  think I do, but I've begun a scarf to go with the cowl. A  moving hook is a happy hook.
Taking a moment chatting with you...I have finished the crochet cowl....
I will give it to DH for his birthday in a  few weeks.



  1. Wow, you did a lot!

    I admit, I have not done about anything today. -grin-

    Oh yes, agree, things have to be picked up and in their place. I am "antsy" if that isn't done. But just the 2 of us, and he likes a neat home too. So it's not hard.

    The knitting is beautiful!


  2. Oh fun! It looks cozy. I too function better if things are set to right and in order. :-)

  3. The cowl is such a thoughtful gift; I'm sure it will be good and warm when the cold wind blows. Love the falling leaves on your blog.

  4. I love your quote, "A moving hook is a happy hook." :~) Your crochet work is beautiful!

  5. It sounds like we both had busy Mondays. It's a great start for the week.
    I find having frozen sliced apples in the freezer to be so handy. It's so easy to make apple crisp or even a pie, although that means pie dough has to be made first.

  6. Always love stopping by your pretty blog and seeing your pretty crochet.
    Check out my blog before Nov. 18th. There is a "contest" I have linked for bloggers who like crochet, knit,embroider and more that you might like to enter.


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