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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Crochet Update & what's for supper !

Hello One & All !
How are all of you today?

I got an early start today with my kitchen duties. I decided to make sweet and sour pork, rice,and Chinese dumplings.

I had bought the pork earlier in the week to make "City Chicken". I don't know where you all are, but here  where I live this is actually pork cut up. It can be breaded and placed on skewers which are included with the meat and then fried. chicken is pork!  I love origins of things, and wonder where this came from. If you have it in your area and it's called something different I'd like to hear.

So..I started out making that, but yesterday, while shopping I picked up won ton wraps, and some ground beef,pork & veal, and the meal kind of evolved. I had already in the old pantry some chunk pineapple, and fresh garden peppers frozen in the freezer.
Dinner done! Well, it is prepped. I'm steaming the dumplings now, and will brown them up closer to supper. 
On...the crochet front....
This little cowl has been frogged so many times...✋😕  
I'm not working with a pattern, I'm challenging myself to make one. 

I think I have it now, and it appears to be almost done. ( I think)😒

It is a cowl/neck/shoulder kind of thing...He is always complaining about the draft on his neck, and his shoulders. I have to measure it once more to check for length. I have not yet went through the entire cake of the DK Color, but am getting close. This may be a nice one skein project.

I'll update this when I'm finished with the project, and you will find it in the "Crochet Basket" tab at the top of the blog. This is where I hope to add all future designs. They will be slow in coming as this is still very new to me, taking baby steps.  

A little crochet scarecrow I made some years ago. My original blog, this one was named Crochet by the Sea. Two of my favorite things, Crochet & the Sea. Some dayI hope to move my hook at the beach near the Sea/Ocean...


  1. The crocheted scarecrow is so cute. Perfect for the season.

  2. Have not heard of City Chicken, around here. (Upper NE) It may be a local area term.

    Love all those old terms and sayings and etc. Even love to find out, why old towns, are named, as they are. Old loves Old, I guess!!!!! -grin-

    Good to get an early start on dinner. That's why I love Crock Pot recipes!!!

    All our leaves have fallen, around here. Just a very few are left. The rain and wind we had, took them. As well as took down some trees. Happily, none right near us. But up the alley from us... It did...


  3. I sooo get it! When we were on the ranch, my mom made us "neck socks." They were essentially a crocheted tube that we pulled over our heads. We could pull them up over our faces while we were feeding and still breathe. They were great and yep, kept the draft, snow etc off our necks. I'm betting he'll love it.


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