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Monday, October 28, 2019

Tinkering with yarn,making something pretty

Been moving the hook, making progress on the crochet cowl for my husband.
I mentioned in the last posting that  I was using cake yarn for the first time. I've seen it around for some time, and I guess I thought it was just variegated yarn. 

It is variegated in that it has multiple colors to the skein, however it is the placement on the strand which I believe makes it different than "variegated". 

I'm am using DK Colors, it is a 3 weight yarn, something else which is new to me, normally I work with the 4 weight yarn, my preference is Caron Simply Soft, and I also like Soft Secret by Hobby Lobby, respectively.

Review of the DK Colors:
383 yards/350m, 5oz/140 grams
Color Nimbus

Premier DK Colors Yarn | Nimbus | 5 oz | 100% Acrylic
 I am using a size 4.0 mm F hook, which is what the yarn calls for. 
I've got about 3 rows of the pattern done, the color changes are subtle, and line up, they are not random hodge podge colors within the pattern, which is what I was looking for.  

So far, I am pleased with the yarn, it is soft, and the advantage of the cake roll is that it doesn't roll all over, and sit nice and flat on the table while I'm crocheting. 

I've not yet run into any snags or knots. One thing..which occured to me quite by accident. They are not all wound the same, so the center of one may a different color than another skein. I purchased two skeins. One had gray in the center, and the other was the lighter blue gray. So I had an option of which color to begin with.

Here is what this looks like so far, after I've been through a few colors.  
This isn't actually what I've wound up, I changed up the pattern, and re made it. This was the first skein, it began with the shades of  blue, I had crocheted it flat. 

I don't have a picture yet of the one I'm almost done with. I did crochet that in the round, using this same stitch.  


  1. Faith, you always give me something to think about when working on a crochet project. Your yarn is a very pretty color. After I had a not -so-good experience with varigated yarn, I'm hesitant to use it again. If you go to my blog and look under crochet in the labels column, the first post will show you what happened to me. Although it's a "boo-boo", the blanket is soft and a pretty stitch. :)

  2. I'm sure it will be great!!!!

    And a lovely project, for this Coming Hibernation Time. -smile-

    Gentle hugs,


  3. Very nice colors. I'm sure your husband will be pleased.

  4. I have a friend who likes those yarns. Also What? However will you get any exercise if you don't have to get up and unwind the ball from the table leg, chair leg, or retrieve it from some dusty corner? πŸ˜‚ (Heehee). How clever someone actually came up with a solution.


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