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Monday, October 21, 2019

Tinkering with yarn, making something pretty

 OK..all you gals my age remember Tom Jones....
MY MY MY.......... Medallion Doily.....
Do you remember the song?
MY MY MY........?

Hee Hee a little Tom Jones lingo there!

I have no idea where the idea of TJ came from....Oh well we'll roll with it anyway.

Well this worked up so quickly. 
I had just enough stash, it's quite colorful no?
I found hoop at Micheals, I think that I will display it as a wall decoration. 
Because of the center rose, it cannot be displayed from the back side, not as pretty.
I don't want to go haywire and make a thousand of them. But it was a nice simple joy to move my hook and use crochet thread, rather than yarn.

Do any of you shop at AC Moore? 
They don't carry crochet thread??????????
What is that all about?
Well, maybe it's good, as then I'll use what I have before I buy one more. I have a pretty nice selection maybe about 10 skeins,it really is enough to make just about anything with.
I enjoy working with the thread. And will for a time...and then the yarn will come back out, and the bigger hook and give my eyes a rest.

I think we are going the hoop way....the hoop is silver metal, and so. I'll get some white of preferably off white spray paint, it will make a better finished product. When that part is done. I will afix the doily to the hoop. 

Have a wonderful day!

Could be a better picture...I'll show and tell again when it's all done. 


  1. The colourful doily looks lovely and will look great in a hoop.
    I like the colours you chose.

  2. Remember Tom Jones...

    How about Engle (???) Humperdink????? :-)


  3. Beautiful doily! Love it. Bright and cheery!

  4. My My My Dalila! Thanks all for the commments and stopping in to visit. Yes I remember
    Enelbert Humperdink....what a name huh!

  5. And thank you for your comment on my "It's baaaaack" post.

    Often, I wonder if I *should* post some things. When other people resonate, it's great.

    Makes me feel better, about being such a *loud mouth*!

    Don't mean that everyone has to agree on everything!!!! Nooooo! That would be a boring world.


  6. The doily is a work of art no matter what you do with it!

  7. I so love all these lovely falling leaves on your blog! So pretty!

  8. I too like working with thread but I only know how to knit dishcloths or crochet a pot-scrubber:-)
    I have found pretty doilies like that and stitched them to round pillows. Yours is a beauty!
    PS I like your little fella scooping leaves at the bottom of the page - made me smile.


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