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Saturday, October 26, 2019

How do you learn a new skill? How about Crochet?

When you learn something new, are you a visual, learn by doing, or do you read how to do it? I would say that I am a combination of the first two. I prefer to watch first, then do. Reading, not so much, I  find I must read it over and over. 

I've had some folks comment about crochet. Some of you already know how, some of you know basic stitches and a little more, ( my catagory) and some of you are expert crochet and very experienced in a variety of stitch combinations. We are all at different places, it is the beauty of the craft. 
The foundation chain ( CH) is probably the most important stitch you will need to know if you want to crochet anything. Everything begins with a foundation, the (ch) st is the beginning of it all.

In the video below, you will learn how to do this most basic stitch (st). I have watched a few of the videos from New Stitch  A Day, I find them easy to follow, and I'm one of the people who like voices, and I find his to be soothing and calm. Yes, this is taught by a man. Very easy going, slow, and easy to follow. The nice thing about video is that you can stop it, replay and learn on your own time.   

If you've considered learning to crochet,  you begin with the first stitch. So get you some yarn, and a hook, watch and practice. It really is not hard at all, and you will have countless hours of joy and relaxation from moving the hook.


  1. I do agree with you ~ crocheting is relaxing and enjoyable. I like it so much that I'm getting too many things made. Someday my girls will have a lot of things to get rid of. The video sounds like something I should watch since I'm also the type of person who needs to see the process; I lose my place when only reading.

  2. I think that long, long ago, I knew how to do this..... -smile-

    But I tried to learn to knit, a few years ago, and...... It didn't "take."

    So I don't think I'll be trying any other such. >,-)



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