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Friday, October 11, 2019

BLOG FOG & moving the hook slightly


Oh for heavens sake, I'm in a blog fog. I've been visiting around with you ladies, keeping current. 

I've been enjoying the "fall like" weather, we've had beautiful days and nights here in NE Ohio. I did manage to get some garlic planted before the freeze date. I hope Earl that Squirrel and his kin don't dig it up. They've been very busy....I wonder if that is a sign about the weather to come.
I tried to get crafty with some yarn, but wasn't feeling it. I hauled out some crochet thread out of the mobile craft room ( the tub), I have not worked with thread in some time. And I did pick up 2 cakes of DK Colors in the color of Tulip
 Image result for dk colors tuliip 
It's pretty, but for now no idea what I will make with it. I started a cross your heart shawl in Heather, just not feeling it for now. I'll get back to it.  I know I'm way behind the curve, but I've become
interested in Crochet Mandalas. I've learned that Mandala's are the new doily.

I still admire and love the original doilies, however the Mandala's are lovely in their own way,
are loaded with color and sometimes texture, the web is full of ideas. I found one, which I liked, and had seen when it originally came out, but I wasn't ready to make it then, created by a blogger friend of long ago, I have followed her, and made several of her patterns. The header of the Thanksgiving Angel was created by Elizabeth White of Bella Crochet

Image result for bella crochet rose medallion mandala doily 

Isn't this pretty. I have a fondness of the Crochet Rose in the center of doilies. I'm working on this doily now, from my stash, although I did order some shaded pink variegated crochet thread from

I have 3 craft stores near my home, not included Walmart. None of these had the color I was looking for. So I ordered it online. I rather like ordering online, and having things delivered to the house. Rather than running from one store to the next in search of.... What I spend in shipping, I will have wasted in gas, time, and energy. Easy peasy. 

That is my story...I'm sticking to it!
Have a good weekend.



  1. That pink doily is cute. I have one somewhere that has a rose in the middle like that but since I can't place anything in the center I never seem to bring that one out.
    DH planted our garlic just yesterday. Then we rolled out a length of wire over that area to keep out those dratted squirrels. And cats that like to use the freshly worked soil as their bathroom.

  2. Oh yes, about ordering on line.

    My "excuse" is...... That I never enjoyed going from store to store! Plus, I'm older and I thus, enjoy shopping, even less. -smile-



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